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This is a repost from an old forum suggestion by me
: VAB CT-RWS - France - War Thunder - Official Forum

In the 1990’s the French and UK governments worked together on the TRACER program to upgrade their troop transports with a common 45mm autocannon. This program consolidated into the GIAT/RO joint-venture VTA international and the with a few tweaks the CTA 40mm was born. 3 turrets were created MTIP (RO turret) and Toutatis (GIAT turret named after Celtic God, popularized in modern France by Asterix comic, also because the US programme was named ARES, after the roman god of war) both which were mounted on a Warrior chassis for trial and the CTWS, Cased Telescope Weapons Station, a remote version of the turret mounted on the VAB.

The CT-RWS has a CTA 40mm with Telescoped ammunition as main gun. Ammunition includes APFSDS, A3B (Anti Aerial AirBurst) and GPR-PD-T.The APFSDS is said to penetrate 170mm at point blank range. A coaxial 7.62mm si available.


The turret itself had these specification according to the CTA International presentation of 2002 : +47°/-12° elevation for 892kg of turret


Russian report on the turret :

The chassis it is mounted on is a 4x4 VAB. The 4x4 is an 11t vehicle (crew, fuel not taken into account) propelled by a D.2356 (235hp) engine and a Renault Transfluide Transmission with integrated gearbox (5 forward, 1 reverse and a 2:1 torque amplificator, virtually doubling the gears to 10F,2R). The weight of a full vehicle with fuel, turret, ammunition and crew around 14t, giving it a honorable 16 hp/t to push it to its maximum speed of 92 km/h. It has been in service within the french army for over 40 years.


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Really interesting vehicle, it could be akin to the 2S38 but for france, allowing a decent anti-everything vehicle. +1

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