VBL ATM (Advanced Turret Modular ) - the Rattiest VBL

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The VBL HOT ATM is another versatile addition to the possibilities of the Panhard M11 /VBL chassis, allowing for both good sensors AND misisles to be mounted at the same time while not compromising the operator as much as traditional missile mounts.

The Panhard M11 also known as the VBL is a 4.3t scout car equipped with a Steyr M14 190hp engine and an automatic ZF 4F 1R gearbox and a CTIS to help its mobility. The Sarajevo taxi has Stanag 4569 armour standard 1, meaning anything bigger than a 7,62 will go through. This means that during its taxi mission, a 14,5 sniper rifle could have gone though, but no one wants an LGB dropped on their building.

The crew is 3 men, 1 driver with the commander on his side and an operator crammed in behind alongside spare missiles.

The Advanced Turret Modular is a prototype turret made by euromissile with a i quote “state of the art Windows OS”. This prototype turret allows the mounting of multiple weapons such as a 20M621 20mm gun, an RMK30, 12,7mm Browning MG, (all with AP ammo) as well as the option for HOT missiles being able to equip any aforementioned weapon on one of the two side mounts. TRIGAT-MR was laso part of the planned capabilities but it is unknown if the turret could mount it. The central optic is a french Thomson-TTD Optronic pod assembly with Thermal camera (10 um) together with a laser rangefinder and equipment for missile guidance for quick engagement. The slaving of the guidance optic allows for firing on the move as well as target tracking

Both commander and Gunner can use their own station independently.

Camo net and bushes come separately from the vehicle. At least ingame.

Overall the VBL is a

190 hp

STANAG 1 protection

Known weapon options:

20mm M621/30mm RMK
HOT missile

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I definitely want this.

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Sounds intresting me a swed main approve!

“What operating system does it use?”
“Windows Vista.”
“We’re going to die!”

I’m sure it’ll be fine though.


But damn, these images are so grainy I could uses it as a sandpaper.

I’d love this with the option to have each weapon customizable. +1

Are you sure it can have the RMK 30 ? because if it can, it’s gonna do the funny on the battlefield.

it is in the turret specs


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