AMX 13 Obusier 105, close support AMX-13

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​Caid’s suggestion #91

i would like to suggest a very nice tank that can bring up a bit of the firepower of the French tank at low BR. the AMX-13 Obusier de 105

the AMX 13 obusier 105 was a 105mm gun carrier mounted on the AMX-13 chassis. the concept was to create a light tank capable of providing the same fire support as the M4 (105). the new turret ACL-2 and the 105mm D.1056 were designed for this purpose. intended to be used by both AMX 13 and EBR, the turret was compact and offered enough protection against the 20mm of this time. while being a great turret with good protection, small size, and relatively lightweight, it was also a very cramped turret that could not raise the gun high enough for his main purpose, the indirect fire. the decision was made not to produce this turret as the 75mm of the EBR was providing enough support already. The 105mm was a rather heavy fire-support size for a front-line tank and the artillery had already been using it in the 2nd and 3rd line for the case the army needed more fire-power. the project was canceled in the early 50s.


armed with a new gun, the Obusier de 105 D.1056 in an ACL-2 turret. the turret and the gun are unique to this tank but were also intended to be used on the EBR before the project was canceled. the gun was tested in the tank and turret in the shooting range for target at 200m and 1000m, the accuracy and velocity was inferior to the 75mm but similar to the 105mm M4 used by the Sherman. the gun has however better flexibility in close combat due to the great speed of the turret.


The mobility of this tank will be pretty good. like all AMX 13, it will have a poor reverse speed and feature a good forward speed. over the other AMX 13 it will be rather heavy. slightly heavier than the AMX 13 FL-10. this will plague a bit the mobility but it will remain rather good.

The tank protection will not be much different than the other AMX 13. except for the turret being very weirdly shaped at their front making it hard to penetrate. the hull offers a heavy slope and the tank also has the engine at the front making it easy to heat a hit with the engine. As it was a prototype, no smoke launcher was installed but it was possibly planned for production. the side of the turret offers 25mm of armor while the top offers 20mm, this gives it slightly better protection than the FL-10 turret. the crew includes 3 men of which 2 are in the turret.


EBR manual (give away details of the turret that was planed to be mounted on that one too)

message sent between the chief engineer of AMX and the Chief Engineer of ARL

Information on the gun and the result of the trial

Details on the reload rate during a speed trial

details of the turret with ammunition localization (I intentionally skipped the configuration 1 as it wasn't going to be adopted)

source stating the weight of the chassis (early study of the AMX 13 M24)

weight of the turret (here named T.105 obusier, T stand for turret)

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As a final, the turret still exists and is at Saumur


A lighter version of the M4A3 (105). Cool! +1

Small and can punch, plus it’s cute, i like it !

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and you forget
More mobile
and higher fire rate (like much higher)

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Also true!