RPX-90 (MARS F4)

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RPX-90 (MARS F4)

Hello everyone :), what I would like to introduce today is RPX-90 (MARS F4)


In the 1980s, military armored vehicles were very popular among countries, and the French company LOHR developed the RPX90 armored reconnaissance vehicle in order to win orders in the international market. This type of vehicle chassis can be equipped with various weapons, one of which is a heavy firepower vehicle equipped with unmanned turrets and automatic loading machines, and this is the RPX-90 (MARS F4).

The vehicle is equipped with an unmanned turret developed by Hispano Suiza, equipped with an automatic loading machine that can be remotely controlled by members inside the vehicle, with a maximum firing rate of 10 rounds per minute. This turret has a good pitch angle and excellent magnification of the gun sight, making it an advanced turret that is flexible to use.


At the same time, the maneuverability of this vehicle is also excellent. When fully loaded, the vehicle weighs about 10 tons, allowing its power to weight ratio to reach 25. This allows it to maneuver at high speed and quickly enter combat positions to surprise the enemy with a single blow. Due to being a reconnaissance vehicle, its protection is not outstanding, with only 8-12mm thick steel plates for protection, and the rear of the vehicle is equipped with an ammunition rack.

The car produced a prototype vehicle, which was first exhibited at the Satori Ordnance Exhibition in 1983. Unfortunately, despite its advanced appearance and the interest of many people, it did not receive any orders and only one vehicle was manufactured.

In game

The RPX-90 (MARS F4) is an excellent light reconnaissance vehicle with high maneuverability and firepower. Its unmanned turret can take advantage of many terrains to attack enemies, and it has an automatic loading machine. Unfortunately, it does not have a gun stabilizer. Suggest placing it on 8.3 as a technology tree vehicle and folding it together with MARS 15.


  • Crew:3
  • Main weapon:CN90 F4 90mm cannon(50 rounds,10 rounds per minute)
  • Cannon elevation angle::-8 °/+20 °
  • Secondary weapon:12.7mm machine gun
  • Engine:6-cylinder water-cooled turbo charged(250hp)
  • Weight:10t
  • Max speed:105km/h
  • Gunner scope: 1-7x magnification
  • Drive mode: 4x4
  • Maximum travel: 1000km
  • Turning radius: 7.5m
  • Armor: 8-12mm steel plate
  • Auxiliary equipment: NVD, smoke grenade launcher





It’s very nice I hope it will be added to the game soon

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Cool, would be a neato light tank

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Please add all the French wheely bois! +1

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+1, this is one of the most outlandish looking turrets France has produced, and I would love to see it in-game!