AMX 10C. Between AMX 10RC and AMX 10P

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caid’s suggestion #102

I would like to suggest an interesting tank for the French, the AMX 10C

The AMX 10C was a French light tank that was a mid-way design between the AMX 10P and AMX 10RC. the tank was taking comportment of both vehicles and retaining the part that was shared by them. the chassis was completely new but retained the suspension and track of the AMX 10P and the turret was the one of the AMX 10RC. the tank was a light tank. the tank was designed for the French army to fulfill the role of the reconnaissance tank. the AMX 10RC was initially designed for export, and the APX 10C was intended for domestic production in 1974. but the higher mine resistance and speed of the AMX 10RC drew the attention of the French army quite early which led to the AMX 10C remaining just a prototype. the tank was preserved in the Saumur Tank Museum

the tank has the same turret as the AMX 10RC (at least the early model) which will make the player familiar with the firepower. i am happy to tell you this tank has no stabilizer at all. this seems to be a common thing with the French design which associated the stabilizer with offensive capacity and incompatible with the defensive doctrine of their army. the main gun is the 105mm BK MECA also known as the F2. this gun is the same as the AMX 10RC and should be capable of firing all its rounds. only the 105 OFL F3 was not introduced before 1987 which makes it impossible for this tank to ever had access to it. Besides this round, this tank will have the same firepower as the AMX 10 RC. The tank has a laser rangefinder, night vision, and thermal.

the tank is powered by a Baudouin Diesel Model 6F11 SRX providing 280 hp. this engine is slightly less powerful than the engine found in the AMX 10P but it will not cause a significant difference in mobility. there are details about the transmission used, but it is quite possibly the same as the AMX 10P which gives a decent 4f/1r paired with a torque converter. this will give the tank a speed of 62 km/h and it is also amphibious with a speed of 7 km/h in the water.

the tank was designed to be light and have protection against 23mm API at 300m in the frontal arc. knowing the weight and the size of the vehicles, allows us to estimate the armor. i believe the armour should range around 30-40mm or the equivalent. i place this value as a placeholder. the tank has a smaller chassis than the AMX 10P as it was not designed to carry infantry. the crew of 4 men includes a gunner, commander, loader, and driver. there is 4 smoke grenade launchers on the turret. the tank is also fairly small which allows it to hide quit well.

Опытный плавающий танк AMX-10C (Франция. 1974 год) - "Оружейная экзотика". (Нереализованные проекты, опытная и малоизвестная серийная военная техника) — LiveJournal
AMX 10 C Javelot Saumur Le monde de la maquette
AMX 10 C