VXB 170 - Mid tier meme car

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The Berliet VXB is a sad contender to the new French APC and SA APC contests, which resulted in the victory of the VAB for the first and the choice for a locally produced vehicle (largely inspired from the VXB) to circumvent any embargo problem for the second. However this vehicle was chosen as a French Gendarmerie anti-riot vehicle. It did see production, just not with the weapons in this suggestion.

The Berliet VXB is very close to the VAB in terms of performance.
Protection is against 7.62 NATO ammunition all around and that’s it.
With a full weight of 10,6t (8,9 t chassis + 700kg turret = 10,6 t car , 11t is achieved with the APC version with all 11 men inside) and a 170hp engine, you have a low 16.04 hp/t which will not make you the fastest vehicle around. It is however a 4 wheel drive. Gearbox is a synchronised 6F/1R with a transfer box (turning it into a 12F/2R). Maximum speed is 80km/h.The engine is right rear mounted leaving space for a turret in the middle section and a door and the back of the vehicle.


r7mx3Qh.png eV4q76Z.png


Below, the ACL 89 are not mounted but we can clearly see the rear 7.62 mount. Note that smoke launchers are mounted on the side of the vehicle


Another view of the T20.13 turret on the VXB without the STRIM ACL-89


This is the interior of a Gendarmerie VXB but it should not bee too different from the 20mm one. (i do not have pictures of the interior of the 20mm equipped one. However given both have turrets, it should be similar-ish but without the APC seating.

The VXB is equipped with a Toucan 1 T20.13 turret, as used on the AMX VCI. However, in this specific vehicle 2 Luchaire/STRIM ACL-89 infantry rocket launchers (service designation LRAC F1) were mounted coaxially to the 20mm present on the turret (the image says Stiker but that’s a typo/misunderstanding from the english writer, he definitely meant STRIM89)

The T20.13 uses a 20mm autocannon as its main gun (=20F2 in-game ammo as seen on the AMX 30 or AMX 10P) and a 7.62 AA52 (AAN-F1) as its coaxial. Angles are +50/-13° vertical and 360° horizontal. No night firing capabilities.

The LRAC F1 / STRIM ACL 89 is an infantry rocket launcher (think RPG 7-like) uses the AC 89 - F1 Rocket propelled HEAT round fired at 290 m/s. Each war head is capable of penetrating 400mm of armour.

A 7.62 MG on a pintle mount is also present near the backside door

4 smoke launchers can be used to screen the vehicle

Only other known pic of the VXB with STRIM/ACL 89, here from IDR 1971 08

And Ejercito 1974 (J G JEUDY article from “CIBLES” translated in Spanish)

Specs recap :

Main armament : 1 x 20mm F2
Secondary armament : 2 X ACL-89 RPG (coaxial)
Teritiary armament : 1 x 7,62mm AANF1 (back gunner)
Additional equipment : 4x 80mm DREB smoke launchers

Protection : 7.62 NATO ammunition
Speed : 80 km/h max
Weight . 8,9 t chassis + 700kg turret = 10,6 t car
HP : 170 hp
hp/t : 16.04




Encyclopaedia fo armoured cars and half tracks by Duncan Crow

Torreta T20/13 (J G JEUDY article from “CIBLES” translated in Spanish by the magazine “Ejecito”)

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Turret data (part 1) (including weight)

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turret data (part 2)

(the VXB is said to have a T20.13 two ACL 89 and a MG)

International Defense Review 1971 08 iss 4

Online LRAC F1 manual


Interesting vehicle, but the post itself is quite confusing. I had to re-read it several times in order to determine what it is supposed to be armed with. You should probably add a “Specifications” section with a bulleted list like other posts. It would make the post a lot clearer. That and some grammar/spelling issues. +1 on the vehicle though!


I’m looking through the list of vehicles to find something that I’m pleasantly surprised by.
The first comparison I can think of is the SPz LGS.
This would be a nice addition no matter how it makes it’s way into the game. +1

I assume this is the image you were referring to?

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