List of Previously Suggested Ideas - Maps, Missions & Events

A reference archive of previously suggested threads related to Maps, Missions & Events. This thread is a document for everyone to see and check before they create a double post on an already discussed idea.

IMPORTANT: If you find something previously suggested/discussed that is not on this list and should be, please PM the Suggestion Moderators and let them know!

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XOlfdu9.png Maps, Missions & Events XOlfdu9.png


  • 1000 ton Super Heavy Tank April Fools Event【Suggestion

  • Add Carriers to Air Maps that don’t have them【Suggestion
  • Add target settings in Test Drive/Flight/Sail【Suggestion
  • Adjusting score-based event requirements【Suggestion

  • Different types of bombing targets【Suggestion

  • Enlargement of Dover Strait Map【Suggestion
  • Escort mission: Rescue the Basement Guy™【Suggestion

  • Improving Ways of Obtaining Marks of Distinction During Events【Suggestion
  • Implement User-Made Missions into the Game for a Limited Time【Suggestion
  • Invasion of Bergen【Suggestion

  • New game mode “Race!” and “Roundabout”【Suggestion
  • New York City - Midtown Manhattan【Suggestion
  • Normandy - High Tide【Suggestion

  • Pages of History: the 442nd Regiment Combat Team【Suggestion
  • Pearl River Delta【Suggestion

  • Run a special event to commemorate the Republic of China’s Air Force day (814 day)【Suggestion




  • 38th parallel, Korea SbYRK5D.png

  • Add Chi-Ha Short Gun to 1-1 Sim battles SbYRK5D.png
  • Add Simulator Enduring Confrontation SbYRK5D.png

  • Battle between skyscrapers SbYRK5D.png
  • Battle of El Alamein, Egypt 【 Suggestion
  • Battle of Iwo Jima, Japan 【Suggestion
  • Battle of Khalkin Gol, Mongolia 【Suggestion
  • Battle of the Aleutian Islands, U.S.A. 【Suggestion

  • City Map Destroyed by a Nuclear device 【Suggestion

  • Eastern Finland Battle of the Mariana Islands, U.S.A. SbYRK5D.png

  • Enable all tank maps for tier V 【Suggestion

  • Fulda Gap【Suggestion

  • Kashmir region, Pakistan/India (1965) 【Suggestion

  • Seasonal Variants of existing Maps 【 Suggestion
  • Second battle of Lake Ladoga, Finland 【 Suggestion
  • Spanish Civil War【 Suggestion

  • Vietnam SbYRK5D.png


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  • Allow the ability to create custom battles of past events (Biathlons sea/land, M18 race, Plane races etc.)【Suggestion
  • Among Us Event【Suggestion
  • ANZAC Day【Suggestion

  • Have lower BR SPAA for lower BR Heli in Heli PVE【Suggestion

  • Rerun old events or add a way to obtain old event vehicles【Suggestion
  • Run a Strike Witches X War Thunder Global Event【Suggestion