Event missions from the live.warthunder to implement in game temporary

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I would like to talk about new events only for week end.
My suggestion will be really short but i think it could improve game and gamemode variety.

As you know, we have same gamemodes since years and years …
In exeption of events as like recently submarines, we do no have variety into warthunder. Its really boring.

So we have a live.warthunder where players are making mission for players. Some are really great and could be implemented in the game for short duration as weekend event.
Players that play could have winning rewards with those missions (decals, lions,…)
Then for the creator, gaijin could give them reward too (as like amount of GE, or only SL depending of the popularity).

During the event, there will be a poll to say if the mission is appreciated or not. And creator could have statistics about win/lose and reward.

Players will be able to win SL and other prices !

For gaijin works, they will need to test the mission before with the mission creator to see if the mission work well. They also could help and give tips to make mission for implement fully in the game.

For gaijin popularity, as they will like, test and implement mission into their games from contents creators, there will be more missions makers in coming. And players will like new content in the game.

For the creator, a tag #MissionForImplementation will be there to help gaijin to select mission for implementation.

I think it will help both, players and gaijin.

Exemple of missions that can be implemented in the game for event :


Agree, they should also add more camouflage, 3D decorations, and stickers to the market, which are currently too few

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+1 As a mission maker, it is a dream come true when your mission is incorporated into the game ))

Once a week seems too high a frequency for me, so I think that if there was such an event once a month, the community would be more proactive in creating good missions.

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Why not do events on old maps like white citadel (I like this map). Create new game modes, with the example of the Front Line on WOT, with a summary of cards to make a giant one and attack points to conquer the territory until reaching targets.

I didnt find the map in the CDK. Maybe white rock fortresse disapeared :(
Or i missed it !