Combined Air Arena - PVE & PVP

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The suggestion is pretty straight forward. Its a longer form Air game mode/mission that combines elements of Sim EC and RB that allows helicopters and aircraft to play on the same map with varying levels of spotting dependent on player location throughout the map.

Friendly players will always remain spotted to other friendly players but enemy player spotting will vary.

If someone wants to mainly do PVE gameplay, they can remain within their 1/3 of the map and if an enemy player comes over to try to do PVP, they will be spotted giving the friendly passive player a major advantage. In the middle 1/3 of the map, there is no enemy spotting (like Ground RB). This area of the map is where PVP players can go and where they’ll be forced to be aware of their surroundings - either via radar, rwr or visuals.

This varied spotting can also be used to vary the rewards for hitting AI objectives. More valuable objectives can be located within the areas where you cant spot the enemies. Maybe even super valuable objectives can be located in areas where the enemy auto-spots you but you cant spot them (i didnt include this on the above map).

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Maybe some different map, but pretty good idea with picture


Yeah i was trying to provide a lot of anti-shipping options combined with anti ground options but the idea can kinda be applied to a multitude of maps.

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Maybe, take Gulf war as example for map will be better
There was everything
Or maybe Syria.
But maybe trouble is that only one side will get carriers, but it’s not really a trouble.
And there will be able to make some SAM’s, one team SAMs based on fleet, others - regular sam systems like a SA-19

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Ground attack directions

Ground Radars

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Something like this could work well too.