[Special] Republic of China Air Force day (814 day)

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Emblem of the Republic of China Airforce


The Republic of China’s Air Force day (also called 814 day) was established on August 14 1937 following the ROCAF’s first major victory over the Japanese Air Force. Leading up to the outbreak of the second Sino Japanese war the amount of warplanes within the Chinese Air Force was around 300 compared to the combined airpower of the Imperial Japanese Navy and army airforce’s nearly 2,200. Nevertheless when China was invaded by the Japanese in 1937 Chinese pilots fought back with all they could. On the afternoon of August 14 1937 18 type 96 (G3M) bombers of the Imperial Japanese Naval Airforce’s Kisarazu and Kanoya air groups took off from Taiwan and headed towards Hangzhou Xiaoqiao airforce base and Guangde airport. Their mission was to destroy the Chinese airforce concentrated around Shanghai and Nanjing in one go. However they were intercepted by 27 Hawk III’s of the fourth brigade and a an air battle ensued. Gai ZhiHang (captain of the fourth brigade) and Tan Wen shot down the first G3M bomber. Lee GuiDan, Liu ZheSheng, and Wang WenYu jointly shot down another bomber. Gao ZhiHang then went on to severely injure a third bomber and Zheng ShaoYu (squad leader of the Guangde 22nd brigade) also severely injured a bomber. They succeeded in stopping the Japanese bombers from destroying Hangzhou airbase and Guangde Airport and gave the Chinese airforce their first big victory.

According to Japanese reports two bombers were shot down, one ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea, and another made it back to base but was so severely injured it was scrapped.

As a result of this significant victory in 1940 the Nationalist government of China declared August 14th as Air Force Day for the Republic of China to honor the bravery and accomplishments of its pilots.

Note: This is one version of the story of what happened on August 14 1937

An account from a veteran pilot who was there: 空小網友會: 1937 年 “八一四” 筧橋空戰親歷見證

Why it should be added in game:

The Republic of China Air Force holds a significant place within the Chinese aviation tech tree. Dedicating a special event recognizing the exploits and contributions to those that have served in Republic of China’s Air Force today and throughout history would only be fitting.

Decals, special camo, discounts, etc could be put out for thIs event.


Chinese ace pilot Kao Chi-Hang (Gao Zhi Hang’s) Hawk III

Chinese ace pilot Liu Che-Sheng in front of I-15bis no. 2109 with “檀香山華橋” (overseas Chinese in Honolulu) written on the plane.

Chinese Ace pilot Wang GuangFu’s P-40

Qian Yi Qiang’s F-86F (Li Shuyuan’s number is 368) both of them shot down a mig 17 each at around the same time with an AIM-9B marking the first ever AAM kill in combat.

Some decals already in game that can be brought back out for the event (I found this decal sheet from WTlive so II don’t think this is all of them and some of them are just common decals/not ROCAF related)

Also please recommend some other decal and camouflage ideas!


+1, some gorgeous decals, I would love to accent my P-40s with them, and the skins would be greatly welcomed as well!