Adding Carriers to Air Maps that don't have them

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Map changes have been on the table recently, while mostly contained to Ground Maps I think some Air Maps could use a specific touch of love… Carriers.

The Addition of Carriers to maps with large bodies of Ocean would be extremely nice for the various Naval Aircraft across the trees and BRs for everything from Fairyswordfish MK.I to A-4 Skyhawk and F-14.

Maps such as Kuban, City, Spain, Tunisia and Bourbon Island are what immediately come to mind.
It seems a shame to let the fancy new Carrier models be relegated to only a few maps and the Test Drive.

I see two ways this can be properly implemented.

Option A: Carriers would be placed further forwards trading the safety of strong Airfield AA for quicker time away from the fight.


Option B: Carriers are roughly in line with Airfields offering similarly strong AA protection and similar time away from battle, this would mostly be a for the LARP of being a Naval Aircraft.

I’d highly suggest making the Naval Aircraft tag a pre-requisite for Carriers to lessen the number of funny guys using a B-17 or Lancaster to land on a carrier in actual battles.