Allow the ability to create custom battles of past events (Biathlons sea/land, M18 race, Plane races etc.) without the need of a user mission/gamemode

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There has been many extremely fun events in war thunder that I feel like we should still be able to experience some of these events with friends that may have not been into War Thunder during the time of the event.

What my idea is the ability to create lobbies for these events straight from the custom games menu, or something similar. I think alot of the community never got to experience some of these event/game modes and it would allow some players just to relax and play some fun game modes with friends or create mini tournaments and race each other to see who is the best pilot or tanker.

I know there are probably custom missions that are similar or remakes on Live.Warthunder but I still would love to play the official events with friends/squad-mates without having to figure out how to use user-missions.

Not all event mission/game modes could work but here is a small list of events I think could be done. (sorry if I miss any)

Tank Biathlon

Create a lobby that still has the T-72 and that Chinese tank with the nation camouflages

Sea Biathlon

Tank Football


Plane Racing

M18 Racing (Halloween event 2020)

That is all the events I currently can think of that could be used. Since most april fools event need a special map/vehicles/game features etc I did not include any of them since I’m not sure if its possible for those to be re-introduced as custom battles.

These are all events that happened and I think wouldn’t be difficult to re-introduce as just custom game-modes/missions/maps in custom battles for the player base to replay their favorite events and play against their friends or other random players.

If anybody has any other ideas or knows of some events that I missed please let me know.


The tank biathlon was my favorite event and I would love to play it against my friends.

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After that event I’ve been disappointed they haven’t had it again for a few years, It was some of my favorite events and I think since all these special vehicles/maps/missions (coding) has been created for these few week long events it would be a shame to not be able to play them again.

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+1 I agree!!

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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