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A bit of a run down for those who didn’t know War Thunder JP is ran on DMM, the DMM client has a lot of exclusive camouflages, decals, events etc.

One of these such events was the Strike Witches X War Thunder event.

The event ran from July 5th 2018 to August 1st 2018

The event featured the main cast from the the main Strike Witches Anime each character received their own camouflage for the plane that resembled their “Striker Unit” (each striker unit was based of a real life plane, with some exceptions)

Before I get too much into it I want to remind people if they do not wish to see fictional camouflages they can just turn them off in settings.
(Be mindful I’m using Google Translate and Google Lens so my translations/understanding about things might be a bit incorrect and feel free to correct me in the comments)

The event was a gacha event (lootbox) event.


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Poor Google Lens Translation:

There was also a Twitter campaign going on that gave the player base lootboxes tied to retweets on their post (unsure about which post)

Blue Crates are decal crates and Yellow crates are camouflages

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The login bonus for the event seemed to be this camouflage and they received this plane for free for linking their gaijin account and DMM account
Plane: Hagiri’s A5M4


“Strike Witches” x “War Thunder” collaboration PV from DMM’s YouTube:

As per a post found in the JP section of the old forum:

It explains that DMM will be running local promotions and events. However that does not stop Gaijin from working with DMM about running the events/promotions/specials etc. on the global server.

In this article it mentions:


ゲーム内外で日本限定のイベントを企画中です。日本人プレイヤーに合わせたイベントの実施を通して、War Thunderプレイヤーのコミュニティを強化、拡大していきます。

Roughly translated through DeepL to:


■Special Events Exclusive to Japan
We are currently planning Japan-only events in and outside of the game. We will strengthen and expand the War Thunder player community through events tailored to Japanese players.

Which makes sense however I think the global community would also love to see alot of these exclusives come to the global server (Stay tuned for another Suggestion that I am working on about that)

Before you read this next part please understand I know nothing when it comes to licensing and distribution.

The argument players bring up and I used to even bring up is licensing maybe Warthunder/DMM couldn’t get licensing for the event to be done on the global servers. I used to think that until I saw one of the camouflages in game and I started to do more research but considering the camo’s are in the files and can be seen by anybody (Since the servers the DMM client runs off of are still the global servers) it couldn’t be a licensing issue since everybody can see it and normally licensing issues would lock down content for your region each due to a different company having the rights in that region for distribution etc.
Once again I must state I have 0 clue about anything when it comes to licensing or distribution especially in this case.

The camouflages that were available for each of the characters:

Character Camouflages

Yoshika Miyafuji

Plane: A6M3a


Mio Sakamoto

Plane: A6M3a


Lynette Bishop

Plane: Spitfire F.Mk IX


Perrine-H Clostermann

Plane: V.G.33C-1


Francesca Lucchini

Plane: G.55 serie 1


Charlotte E Yeager

Plane: P-51D-5


Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen

Plane: Bf 109 G-2


Sanya V.Litvyak

Plane: MiG-3-34


Gertrud Barkhorn

Plane: Fw 190 D-9


Erica Hartmann

Plane: Bf 109 G-6


Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke

Plane: Bf 109 G-2


The decals that were available for each of the characters:

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decal01.png decal02.png decal03.png decal04.png decal05.png decal06.png decal07.png decal08.png decal09.png decal10.png decal11.png

The other camouflages that were available during the event:

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Seems to be another login free camouflage for Hagiri’s A5M4



Google Lens Translation:


The other decals that were available during the event

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Poor Google Len Translation:



If you purchase the collaboration special gacha that is on sale for a limited time, there is a 30% chance that you will get the “Strike Witches” unit
badge of the 501st Integrated Combat Wing (501JFW) as an additional benefit.
Decal “‘Strike Witches’ Unit Emblem”

Seems like there was also Mascot decals


On top of the camouflages there was also titles that you could get if you collected the camouflages (some of which you may have seen in game):

Taken from: Titles - War Thunder Wiki

All in all I would throw a lot of money at an event like this and I know tons of people that would throw money at an event like this.



Heck yea
I’d spend an unhealthy amount of money on the game for this


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.