Add target settings in Test Drive/Flight/Sail

Hello War Thunderers!

I have already thought about it several times and now I am finally posting it on this forum (this is my first post).

When testing a new ground vehicle, we always spawn on this map below where we have default targets to shoot at:

shot 2024.04.06 07.05.53

Apart from the nation and the vehicle era (World War 2 / Cold War) there is not much variety unfortunately and in many cases the tanks there are not even in the BR range of your vehicle, so you would never encounter them in a real battle. Since many of us may utilise this mode to practice aiming and shooting, it would be more interesting to make every vehicle able to encounter possible ‘‘real’’ enemies in its BR range.

My solution is to make the tanks you want to encounter in the Test Drive adjustable. For example we have nine different targets in Test Drive in the following positions:

In my example I am testing the french AMX-13 (SS.11) with a BR of 6.7. Thus I would like to know, how to deal with different enemies in the BR range 5.7-7.7. When going to the Test Drive settings we now have the extra options to set our targets in each or these nine spots (while always being able to reset to the default ones). In that case the interface would look like this for instance:

Here a short explanation of my somewhat poorly-made drawing:

  • The red dots represent the positions of ground targets
  • The blue dots represent the positions of air targets (planes/ helicopters!)
  • When clicking on one of these dots we get to a menu as seen in the picture where we can select the nation, the rank and then the vehicle itself

Similarly, we have default targets in Test Sail, as well as several maps in Test Flight which do look like this:

We also want to test our ships and planes on enemies we may encounter in our BR bracket, so it would be more interesting if we could select our targets on our own. Especially there should be at least one air target on every Test Flight map.

Would you like to see this in-game?
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  • Yes and I would like to comment about additional ideas or specifications regarding this topic
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Thank you for reading my post and I hope you find it interesting!


You want a test drive version of the mission editor incorporated into the maps themselves. If this is done it should be incorporated into custom battles as well so we can pick what vehicles are allowed. Since customization is always fun.

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+1! This makes making cinematics much easier, and I also dont want my future Su-27 facing an old F-86.

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Great idea you are proposing! Would make it a lot easier to train weakspot-exploiting on specific vehicles, instead of having to rely on the “best-case-scenario” penetration analysis window.

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This would be Fun and better In my opion for most the same reason and the fact I just tend to fuck around in the testing ground a lot. Also I would like to be able to shot American tanks with something other then a Jap and be able to shot brit tanks with a german gun.

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+1,more goals

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I feel that one of the things that is currently annoying to test in the Ground Test Drive is that the target planes are at a constant speed that are not that fast, compared to what you would se in game. It would be nice if it was possible to be able to select some speed ranges and altitudes that the planes will be flying at.

For example, being able to make one target a heavy bomber at high altitude, and a fast jet hugging the ground.

As it currently stands, the training you can get out of shooting the planes is very limited.

It is also to some extend the same in the Air Test Flight. (Don’t know about the naval)

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Naval is the same

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