Helicopter PvP needs to be brought back

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Hi! Today I’d like to bring up the problem of helicopter content in the game. As we all know, there was a PvP Confrontation mode for helicopters, where players could go and spade their freshly-bought vehicles either for ground RB or for staying and having fun fighting other helis. It was a great mode, which prodived fun and farm for a vast number of helicopter enjoyers. Until this happened…

An Update 1.81 “The Valkyries” was introduced on the 19th of September 2018. This stared helicopters’ way in War Thunder. Since then, players had a great time in the EC mode. It had it’s flaws, provided lots of challenges, but was overall balanced and fun to play. This had been lasting for 408 days until the 29th of October, when 1.93 “Shark Attack” was added. EC balance was changing during this time as new nations and new helicopters were getting added to the game. However, 1.93 with Ka-50 put an end to it all. EC sessions were simply inundated with these pack premiums. They were everywhere. Even adding F&F PARSes to German Eurocopter later didn’t save the situation, though it made Sharks’ life more difficult, but didn’t stop them from total dominating in PvP matches.

Ka-50/52 is a powerful helicopter, but not invulnerable. Other top helicopters could counter him, and did it quite efficiently in the right hands. But the situation was critical because tops were not the one facing Ka-50/52s. Every rank V/VI helicopter that joined the session also had to fight Sharks, which was absolutely unfair. Poor AH-1Gs and Mi-24s that don’t have laser warnings were a mere food to all Ka-50/52s, eliminating any chance for them to grind and have fun. This is where I’d like to introduce my suggestion.

I propose to bring back the Helicopter EC with the ranking system for sessions. It’s pretty simple. All we need to create different environments is:

  • generate maps for rank 5 helicopters;
  • generate maps for rank 6 helicopters;
  • generate maps for rank 7 helicopters SEPARATELY.

So the key feature here is separation. This would allow rank 5 helicopters to fight the same kind of enemy, and so on. Therefore, it would create a balanced environment for everyone and allow to grind helicopter tech trees with fun and interest, as well as give players a choice of how to grind their helicopters instead of monotonous playing GRB. What do you think about my suggestion? Do you have any ideas whether it needs an improvement or not? I’m open to discussion! Thanks for your attention!


If they do bring it back, they should add convoys, with limited to no AA capabilities, and have it so one team defends the convoy in their helis while the other tries to destroy it, a long with a strike team of 3-5 AI tanks that also wanna destroy the convoy. Could give bonuses for time spent within 1km of convoy for defenders, and also for shooting down enemy helis. For attacking team, if convoy is fully destroyed you get bonus depending on how many friendly tanks survive, as well as how many defending helis were destroyed.

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I don’t think allowing this to return will ever be a good idea.
It was empty for months before it was removed, and nothing changed for helicopters since.
I know I wouldn’t go back.
Ka-50 is a rank 6 helicopter by the way.

I liked how old old Heli modes has RB maps and AB maps. I think having helis fight each other in arcade maps would be fun again. It was an interesting idea but they took it away.

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Oh boy, wait until you hear what was originally in heli PvP

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More Ka-50 and 52 players found this than I expected…

I only got the ah1g and mi4av