Escort style missions: rescue the basement guy

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I would like to propose a new mode that would add an exciting new element to random battles. I’m calling this game mode “Rescue Basement Guy.” Basement Guy is located in a random building on the map. One team is tasked with rescuing basement guy while the other has to prevent them from doing so. The mission would be divided into three phases.

Phase 1: Team 1 fights to a capture point where the building with Basement Guy is located while Team 2 defends that point. Once the point is captured, phase 2 begins.

Phase 2: Basement guy exits the building driving a Bob Semple tank. He must be escorted by Team 1 to a landing zone where friendly helicopters will take him to safety. Team 2 must stop Team 1 and recapture Basement Guy and return him to basement. To make things interesting, the Bob Semple tank cannot be destroyed, it can only be disabled. At which point which ever team has control of Basement Guy has to wait for him to repair before he can move again. Once Basement Guy is at the LZ, Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3: Basement is located at the LZ awaiting pickup. Team 1 must defend the LZ until friendly helicopters arrive to take Basement Guy to safety. Team 2 must recapture Basement guy. The LZ is a capture point (the D Point maybe?) that must be either defended or taken. While Team 1 holds the point, a countdown timer will be visible to both teams. Once that timer reaches zero, Team 1 wins the game. If Team 2 manages to capture the point, then they win the game. The point will take much longer to capture than in normal game modes though, so Team 2 will have their work cut out for them.

At the end of the match, both teams are treated to a cut scene either of Basement Guy being returned to his basement or flying off in a helicopter and finding out that the pilots are spies sent to bring him to another basement. No matter who wins, Basement Guy always ends up back in another basement.

As far as gameplay goes, it would be pretty straight forward. Both teams should get three free respawns per phase that do not roll over. For example, if you die three times in Phase 1, you don’t have to leave the match. Just wait for your team to initiate Phase 2 and your tanks will be reset giving you three more respawns. If either team loses all of their respawns before the next phase is initiated, then the match ends and the team left standing wins.

This is my idea. I think it would be a pretty fun mode that would add another layer of gameplay to random battles, but I’m interested in hearing what you think. Would you enjoy such a match? What would you add or change to make it better?

I like the idea of having some more dynamic game modes. Not sure this exact implementation would be particularly good but that’s where trail and error comes in

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No, not unless it was a more realistic/historical context. Because… serious game is serious.