Finnish independence day in War Thunder

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War Thunder over the years has had a wide variety of different events and celebrations held in-game to honor numerous real world events. They have ranged from major historical events to independance day celebrations and maiden flights of certain aircraft just to name a few.

But one event we have yet to witness is a celebration for the Finnish independence day, that is held on the sixth of december. I think this would be a very fitting addition to the game, especially since Finland has taken a larger role in War Thunder with the arrival of the Finnish subtree.

Usually the independance day events held in War Thunder consist of a unique decal and sometimes even a premium vehicle that is brought back for a limited time for players to purchase. Finland (at the time of writing this) unfortunately dosen’t have any such vehicles. My proposal for an optional alternative would be to discount one or a few of the Finnish premiums, or maybe even give the players a chance to earn a unique skin for one of the Finnish vehicles in-game.

That’s about it, I do admit that I’m a bit biased when it comes to this matter, but I would still be ecstatic to see War Thunder honor my country. Even if only in the form of a decal!

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.