New Tactical gamemode "TARB"

The new deathmatch gamemode is basically RB air with EC mechanics.
To force attackers and bombers relevant in objective. Bingo style win-or-lose is used.

The map has 9 different areas for different objectives. the stars represent a singular indestructible bombing target. The importance of indestructible bombing target is that bombers don’t have to separate their way so that it’s more easier to initialize a formation. By making the bombing target just one or two, it’s likely for them to take the same route. By giving the bombing target regenerative HP, the area is captured as long as the damage exceeds the certain threshold. therefore the excess damage is stored infinitely. Think of it like a zombie base that goes negative value health. If enough time passes after the capping is done, the captured state is removed.
Ground targets are decided by the ratio. Ground targets actually fight each other automatically and the fight goes unexpectedly, unless the first few number difference is created by the players. The initial number difference will certainly define the winning side. As NPCs fight automatically and replenish, it’s almost impossible for one team to automatically capture without an user input. Reducing ground npcs on one side create an enough power difference to overwhelm the replenishment rate. The refill of the ground units is done by the transport vehicle in the other sectors of the map. Because the deployed ground targets have AAs in their area, it’s more safe to attack in the backline. There should be a bridge or something that can be destroyed. The bridges are also repaired by time but the point is, the retake should be possible. Because more and more transport vehicles are charge up behind the bridge, it’s better to disable all the enemy ground units in the frontline before the temporarily stuck TVs arrive. It’s also effective to simply damage the TVs. As it’s already stated, whether the area is captured or not is decided by the ratio of the number of the ground units present in the frontline. One of the 2nd area for both teams have High-alt AAs like 8.8cm cannon. But having any aircraft near 2000m below disable the AAs aimed at higher alt. So as long as attackers are present in the area, the bombers are safe trespassing above the location. The ground units don’t have to be destroyed to be ineffective. Attackers and fighters can contribute to the bombing without trying to do so.
If bombing targets exist 4 in the map instead of 2 (one for each team), the targets should be characterized by having smaller size or larger size in comparison to each other. So that the larger target is way easier and consistent to bomb from high altitude. The reward should be compensated for it.
The mid map air superiority should be achieved by having more fighters above the enemies. Just like in SBEC. But it’s more quick to the update. Instead of roaming in the air for a while for it to register, the captured or not state is updated dynamically. It’s instantaneous to cap.
The map is generally symmetric with the fair exception of the base terrain.
The Bingo has a timer after being activated. If the bingo line of the captured area is achieved by the team, they have to hold it. For 1 and half a minutes, or an adjusted length of time.

Minor improvements on the base game.
The fuel should be adjustable on 1 to 100 scale. Instead of having minimum fuel settings, players should be able to have the amount of fuel the players desire. A tank ammo like slider would be more user friendly. The game should be able to memorize the amount of fuel for each corresponding aircraft, with convergence and vertical syncs etc. This can be ultimately ignored. For not being the most requirement in this gamemode concept.

The room should be customizable by a player created the match, customizable parameters include. The max fuel cap, weather, day cycle, map, which countries to anticipate, whether it allows prototypes or not.

Fuel economy system would be a good way to balance the game, by having a separate fuel grade for fighters and bombers. Bomber-rated fuel should be dirt-cheap in comparison. I know a such thing don’t exist in real life, but for the balancing it could be a thing. A losing team should have lower price for the fuel so that more players stay in a losing team for the small yet a marginal profit. Japanese planes in particular are having low fuel consumption rate so it could be tweaked in a way so that certain nations have higher default fuel price. By adjusting them afterwards with a simple multiplier, there should be no problem. A bit pricy fuel is directly counteracted by the average usage of the fuel.
Not limited to Japan but, each country can get a different fuel price for adjusting purposes.

The max fuel might be better being capped at 1 third of the actual max fuel. Most fighters have around 45mins to 1hour 45 minutes worth of fuel. So least 15mins, at the greatest, 50 mins. It’s good enough imo. Giving the max fuel some kind of purposes, instead of just being able to be lighter by having lower max fuel, actually wanting to have higher max fuel load this time.

The reward should be compensated by how far the fight is happening from the originated base. So that the time spent on flying straight is not wasted in the sense. As long as players are for the fun experience, not doing anything just for the in-game reward is not the most enticing of all things. So It should be compensated in some way. The said area system can be the majoring point for this “Distance” but we sure can get the actual distance in the mechanism.

After the take-off we should be able to climb higher with a teleporter, or there should be a setting at the “choose your plane” menu that says “you can teleport to the certain altitude after the takeoff.” I think 15 seconds after the take-off fit well into the game.
The altitude in the question should be corresponding to the aircraft or atleast to the aircraft type. The stat card climb rate need to be ignored. Community players should be able to submit the climb record under the certain regulations, if the conditions are met, devs would be able to recreate the renewed “time until the altitude” and substract the much needed “altitude at time”. In this way, planes should be able to skip the whole “3 minutes just climbing up”. This is just beneficial in every single way. If everyone is up high, it’s balanced. Because planes don’t have to climb more than necessity, the flight performance only deteriorates. Getting any higher is not that beneficial when everyone is already on the optimal altitude. This also renders near-ground groups and high-alt superiority groups in different scenes, they don’t interfere. So many planes designed with high alt in mind exist in War thunder, yet their wasted potential is evident in all game modes as of now. So there should be a room for easier high alt objectives naturally occurring due to the game mechanics. Yet separating the fight by the different objectives so that players can stay in the place they want to be in.

Repairing aircraft should remain on the airfield as long as 10 minutes. Instead the players should be able to fly different aircraft while the repair is undergoing. The stationary half-broken aircraft should be a vulnerable target that count as a kill when destroyed. Only bombers are supposed to be able to reach area 4. Because maps are designed in a way that each area is defined with how far away the areas are from the base, area 4 is the furthest and most rewarding for the bomber. But fighters would be to easy to strafe there, and AA definitely take care of them afterward, so it’s not fun to allow fighters enter the area 4. Bombers in the other hand, they should be able to bypass AAs by just flying high so it makes more sense for them to bomb the airfield.

Benefits of this supposed game mode. Bombers and attackers are crucial for winning. High alt fighters are beneficial in the combat, because everyone can climb high without spending too much time just to get there. Ground targets dynamically fight eachother and the player is only required to change the course of the war by creating a small difference in the power. All targets replenish themselves so that the NPC targets are virtually infinite. If the amount of the ground target is low, the players don’t have the targets, so that player do other things, or play fighters instead. But the transport vehicles spawn without a limit so that ground pounders can just go to the backline. In the end, the middle of the map is a mandatory for a bingo, yet it’s an air superiority contest. This is basically an improvement over the deathmatch. Because it’s RBEC, players can spawn in the same vehicle or choice a different vehicle based on the tide of the war, certain vehicles are situational. Players can be more efficient at picking a fight because retreating to airfield and respawning gives a height advantage. This solves a furball. A speed centered fight should take a common place.

Please read all of this before commenting so that the opinions on this subject should be more accurate and a true reflection of the user’s favor regarding this concept.

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Are the NPC ground units using Air AI models or Player Tank models? Big difference in how realistic it is for a lot of attackers to actually kill them or not.

We specifically need RB EC using Air AI unit models, as currently player tank models (especially convoy SPAA) are absolutely cracked out to 11/10 status, causing any ability to kill convoys to fall apart or take so painfully long between trips that it becomes not worth the effort.

I can’t decide on that, it’s such a complicated topic for me to handle. I want to appreciate what you think first. I rarely play on ground, and I don’t see myself playing an attacker in Air RB so. I’m definitely onboard with what you think on this matter.