Vossevangen, Norway


This might be a interesting location,a small town surrounded by high mountains, water and well kept and active farms. this could be a fun map.

Country: Norway
County: Vestland
Municipality: Voss
Postal code: 5700 Voss
Area: 3.89 km²
Population: 6,851 (2022)
Population density: 1,761.2 inhabitants/km²
Height above sea level: 54 metres

In 1940, through bombing over three days, 23-25 April, most of the houses on Vangen were destroyed and left in ruins, as well as several houses in the surrounding area. Both explosive and incendiary bombs were used, which did maximum damage as the vast majority of the houses were made of wood.

here is a little photo collection from the bombing bombing voss — ImgBB

Over 3,000 years ago, hunters and herders came here and found valleys rich in crops, waters rich in fish and mountain expanses with a rich animal and bird life. This natural wealth formed the basis for a rich agricultural culture that is alive today. Traces of the different eras can be found around the villages, for example Olavskrossen, which Olav the saint - “Olva den hellige” erected in 1023

The village got external connections early on. The armed forces set up training grounds on Bømoen, roads and railways opened up for tourism and high schools of many kinds turned the village into a school town. Towards the end of the 19th century, the first small industrial companies were founded. Vossevangen was razed to the ground during bombing in 1940, but was later rebuilt as a modern small town.

The land and the forest have traditionally been the most important source of income, but Voss also has a diverse industry. Trade, tourism and, moreover, various forms of service provision are nevertheless the industries that provide work for the largest part of those who live in the municipality.

there have been battles in and around this place, armored vehicles should also have been used

The YELLOW circle is an airfield, wich is still in use and this was opened in 1935
Inside the BLUE circle is the area where a combined battle can take place, fighting over 1, 2 or 3 points to capture.
There is another Airfield located 100 km away in Bergen wich is “Flesland” the same runway wich we use in te good old map “operation Norway”

YELLOW A-Point Vangskyrkja , also called Voss church, is a long stone church from 1277 on Vossevangen. there is also a train station, railway located 500 m to the left for it. this is called “Bergensbanen” wich goes from Bergen to Oslo.
BLACK B-Point The current Voss hospital was built in 1963 and was county-owned until 2002, this Hospital has a helipad.
BLUE C-point TINE Meieriet Voss: Started in 1951, but has been remodeled and extended several times. This is a local dairy

Here is also the coordinates, in case you want to check it out and get a better picture of the landscape and terrain

60.629348211508926, 6.429516116503193



vossevangen — ImgBB



Vossevangen – Wikipedia


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