Improving way of obtaining marks of distinction during event

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Since in summer/winter events new way of achieving of Mark of distinction was implemented (through mission score), I periodicaly see discussions ramping to almost fights, which system is/was better. I myself preffered old task system, since I like challenges. That´s why this idea came to my mind.

I suggest to re-implement previous event functionality, where players could complete challenging tasks as an optional way to obtain Mark of distinction.
Previously was required to complete 3 out of 5 offered tasks. After quick math, that should be equal cca 13333 mission score per task. Multipliers of task objective (amount of kills, assists etc.) would depend from game mode.

Edit: replaced multiplier part, since previously this worked differently.

This would be win-win for both groups of players:
- those who prefer playing for mission score would still have it, plus if they by any chance completed any task, they would get additional mission points
- those who prefer completing tasks would have this, plus they get additional points by simple playing

I believe this idea is worth taking in consideration, since it would please more players at the same time
and doesn’t break difficulty of event itself (3 tasks value compared to 40000 mission points value). Also from technical point of view, I believe that task system is still
somewhere in drawer, so besides some tweaks to re-implement it, only interface between this and actual system would be needed.

Any complaints, or ideas how to improve this suggestions are welcome.

Hard no, the end of meta vehicles for tasks since the far easier & straight forward points system was introduced is among the best changes.
The return of R3 T20 spam is not something I want.

Already implemented functionality would not change at all, only new option to get points would be added.

Regarding R3 spam, reason for that was rushing for capturing points. However, task “Capture 15 points…” was in summer 2021 removed and replaced by task “Destroy 10 enemies while on allied point”. I don´t see a reason to be afraid of R3 anymore.

It’s not fear of the R3 T20, I never died to them when it was 3.3, it’s annoyance of the spamming of one vehicle that’s really good at the specific task.

These alternative challenges could be formed in a way that would encourage players to play different nations, spade different vehicles etc. by forcing players to use specific weapons to kill the enemies (like 100kg, 500kg and 1000kg bombs, using small or big weapons etc.) The task could also be to use a specific type of vehicle (tank destroyer, heavy, medium, light, AA, mbt) in certain BR ranges and countries. This would encourage players to try new tactics, vehicles and BR’s to stop spamming of meta vehicles.

To stop large portion of the player base to hop on one tactic and BR simultaneously with these new, interesting challenges, you could have 20 challenges where for example a fifth of the player base gets 5 of these the first week, and another fifth gets different 5 challenges, and that they get rotated between these groups. This would create diverse and maybe fun battles