1000 ton Super Heavy Tank April Fools Event.

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Hi guys.

Today i want to suggest an April Fools event that will work similar to the past “Warfare 2077” and “Worm Thunder” events. But with a big focus on Historical Blueprint/Paper Vehicles from During and Pre World War 2.


Event Main Background

The whole design of the event is that players will use mostly historical Blueprint designs dating back to both the Interwar era as well as World War 2. Some of the vehicles proposed used for the event is the Soviet “Grotte 1000” and the German “P.1000”. However if needed alternative What if Designs could be used for Balance.

My inspiration for this event is due to my past interest in RTS Games such as “Command and Conquer”. And that i find the insane Paper Design of the P.1000 very interesting. And seeing Super Heavies clash against one another in RTS games is always fun. But i believe it would be just as Fun to play as in War Thunder during an April Fools Event or Similar.

When it comes to maps. I personally believe that some existing maps ingame can work out fine for a “Super Heavy Tank Event”. Since the only requirement is that these vehicles get the respected space they need in order to move about. While at the same time it is insured that the vehicles can find big enough cover to hide behind.

Some of the ingame maps that would fit perfectly for this style of event with little to no modifications would be. “Abandoned Factory, Kuban or Test Site 2271”.

If you want to check out the P.1000. You can read my “Old Forum Suggestion” That this Suggestion is Inspired by.
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Some other links of inspiration.

Command & Conquer Remastered - EA Official Site

Grote’s 1,000 tonne Festungs Panzer ‘Fortress Tank’ - Tank Encyclopedia (tanks-encyclopedia.com)

Projekt P.1000 - Tank Encyclopedia (tanks-encyclopedia.com)

Få German Superheavy Panzer Projects of World War II: Wehrmacht Concepts and Designs af Michael Fröhlich som Hardback bog på engelsk (saxo.com)

Warfare 2077 Event Trailer
Warfare 2077 / War Thunder - YouTube

Worm Thunder Event Trailer
April Fools’ Day Event / Worm Thunder - YouTube

Driving a tank like a boss? Or do players use these monsters against destroyers?

would be cool to see another gaijilla type even

1000t tanks vs Gaijilla would be peak actually

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