New game mode "Race!" and "Roundabout"

The new game modes are about going fast.
Instead of having the destination in one direction, having few checkpoints to force players circle around in a long way. One team is tasked to take the checkpoints and survive. And one team is tasked to chase them down. But instead of planes are going in a straight line, the checkpoints are designed like a race circuit. So that the opposite team can take a shortcut to attack the racers. The racers are rewarded for taking each checkpoint, killing the enemy team is not as rewarding as in any other modes. The goal is to survive for few laps. The player completed the mission is automatically commissioned from the match.
Players can decide which faction to join. Yet it’s a complete mix-match with any nations allowed.
No bombers are allowed in this mode. Unless the player decide to use attackers like DO335.

The guy in the far behind is the most vulnerable, naturally. If a chaser attacks someone infront of the other racers, they player is getting in the front of the guns. The racer players don’t wanna be on the last.
The chasers can respawn as many times as possible. This is to compensate the scarce offenders. Which makes the match more of a deathmatch. So “reducing the numbers of the enemies” as a tactic should be negated.
Not only the flight speed that matters, but turning bleeds energy too. So all players are forced to not turn. Though offenders can take a shortcut and reposition themselves in a favorable way.

Roundabout is a bomber version of this exact game but with bombing targets. Every lap should refill their bombs mid air. But the point is that the bombing target is not destructible, there fore making it possible to mass up more naturally.

The third gamemode is Cross-section.
Cross-section is a gamemode similar to Race. But with both teams purely consisted of fighters taking the checkpoints. In a opposite direction, they share the route.

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