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Current situation

The new event cycle have been received rather warmly by the Community (Forum, Reddit, 4Chan, etc.). The fixed schedule let player be more flexible with the events and give more (or less) time to them.
Finally, the biggest improvement is having only one vehicle making it less “painful” compared to before (more vehicles = more grind).

Requirement is based and linked together on scores :

  • Unlocking vehicles + goodies : task every two days
  • Unlocking tradable coupon : global event’s score

The required amount will range from 35,000 to 45,000 mission points for each task (usually per 2 days).


The first event with the new system Call of the Dragon is representative of the to reward (45 000 points = see previous quote).

What’s wrong with it? The required score is rather high and need players to invest important hours in the game, few players can dedicate that much time given work/study. Worst of it, this push players to be more and more “on edge” and deteriorate the global environment (i.e. more toxicity).

Having one vehicle mean that scores are tied to one force (air/ground/naval) unless you play mixed (i.e. GRB/GSB or NGB/NRB) and even then these modes are still heavily linked to their main force (e.g. GRB = ground).
This means you will need to invest the whole time on those force and can’t “refresh” yourself with another one. Mixing is often better to avoid repetition.

The current score is actually more than what is required during Winter Marathon (40 000 vs. 45 000) which itself is seen, rightly so, as a time consuming and an endurance event as the name itself imply!
The rewards are pretty nice and weren’t changed compared to before, we however still don’t have the vehicle as premium.

I stress again that both requirement (daily tasks + global score) are linked together, it’s not two different system and should be dealt together.

As I said, score is the key and thus should be the focus on the suggestion. Why? Because this is the easiest solution (everyone can understand score) and can be changed based on future players’ feedback and game analysis (Gaijin’s work).

  1. Required score per task : 15 000 ~ 25 000
  2. Tradable coupon : 450 000 ~ 550 000
  3. Talisman : 550 000 ~ 650 000


  1. As explained the current requirement is too high, don’t let people get vehicles and push them to be “on edge”. Reducing the requirement, even though it seems a lot, can make more player do the event and can make more people buying tasks: missing 1-2 tasks is worth buying the tasks, missing almost all days (week-end excepted for ex.) won’t make you buy the tasks = too expensive.

  2. Tradable coupon should be hard to get them. I disagree with most people on that regard, this is something you will sell, it needs to be rather hard to get. The required scores is Tasks + 5 000 scores per day e.g. 550 000 ≈ (25 000 + 5 000) * 18. It’s like instead of doing task every two days, you do them every day (with a bit more).

  3. Talisman : this is a way to bring premium into the rewards, this isn’t tradable it’s a personal talisman for your own event vehicle. As the tradable reward, this is harder and only for those who really like the vehicles.



its not that high tho , around 25 matches per two day period in the lowest score multiplier (arcade , rank I-III). There are better ways to tweak it in my opinon.
Also the ones you mention had lower BR/rank award as well thats why it had such a low score req.
Some stuff that could work:
Make the events last longer/shorter depending on score requirement. For example 45k score should have less stages and have longer break before and after it.
Allow for earning of score in other modes(i.e. earning ground in air) but decrease teh multiplier in some way like by one or two ranks. That would make it more convenient for people who are not dedicated to a certain mode like air or ground or lack rank III there to work on the event as well.
Those are just some of the suggestions, again score isn’t that bad, its inconvenient but completely gutting it isn’t the solution and doubt gajin would take it. 40k score should be max but from previous experiences 35k feels just right and optimal to work towards.
My option on talisman is opposite, because its RP its not that useful, just keep it for GE, but give all non premium event vehicles a built it SL bonus similar to what premium vehicles around the same level have, this increases their worth and if you then get the talisman is effectively will become premium. Player and gajin wins with that option.

+1 i have school, work etc to do. i cant just play wt all the time


I was actually wondering if reducing the scores or making the event longer was better.

In the end, I was more in favour of reducing the scores. I don’t think Gaijin’s idea is to make long event, we already have the War Bond system for that.
For the scores, you say it’s doable I must disagree as I said in the suggestion. I don’t think it’s that easy for people who only have 1~2 h per day available. Maybe 30 000 for the maximum would be better, I don’t have the statistics Gaijin may have, I do feel however than most players would like something around 25k.

I’m way more in favour of play-almost-as-usual and you will unlock X. Regular events, like the War Bond, shouldn’t make you grind or give way more time into playing. It should of course but moderately, hence the play-almost-as-usual and unlocking stuff.

My option on talisman is opposite, because its RP its not that useful, just keep it for GE, but give all non premium event vehicles a built it SL bonus similar to what premium vehicles around the same level have, this increases their worth and if you then get the talisman is effectively will become premium. Player and gajin wins with that option.

Interesting option, thank you for that.
I’m afraid this is however not really possible, this would change how vehicles work. Currently we have: regular vehicles - premium vehicles - talisman vehicle. Everyone know it and it’s easier to understand: premium>talisman>regular. Changing that would make it more complicated to understand.

Also, I do think that making another reward and probably more useful will make some players more happy about the new system. Tradable is good but we don’t all want to sell it, we may want to get it and have it premium. Talisman is a way to achieve it and not make vehicle premium.

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I actually really like the idea of the grindable talisman for it. Though current talisman system only increase rp gain on the vehicle, but that would still help unlock stuff on it.

That said my main issues with this new event cycle (or at least the current one) is that having a permanent grind, especially with this high point score, is gonna do nothing good and just burn out players as you pointed out yourself you’re locked to the mode for the vehicle.

A reduction in score requirements and potentially a change in the rewards to less unique vehicles is necessary for this event to be a positive rather than a negative. And then we’re basically back to a discount battlepass.


Yes indeed! I suggested talisman because I don’t think having a regular/premium version of the same vehicle is good. I don’t think Gaijin want to make those vehicle (particularly high tier) Premium too, so it’s a middle ground. I’m glad you like it!


For the lower rank rewards premium status is a good idea in my book, even if it’s named variants of vehicles we already have. But for the higher rank stuff it’s a brilliant idea to have as an additional reward for those willing to grind the additional points


+1, man. I’ve stopped playing events because they take too much time out of real life.

Perhaps as an add-on (or should it be a separate suggestion?): premium account time should offer a hefty multiplier toward event score requirements (x2 if not x3 or even x4).

Then there’s positive encouragement to buy and maintain premium for event durations (or renew it yearly) beyond just unlocking and spading stuff.


Lowering score requirement and removal of 2 day limit stages (just give us 20 days or something for it) Will make events less toxic more fun.
Making greedy aproach to players will bite you in a long run. Right now new players are scared and chased away with all this grinding making player retention abysmal. Same goes for battle pass - just make score from battles actually go into bp stages not force us to do challenges in example ships etc.

We want fun while playing our games - not constant fomo/greed.