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The Dover Strait map is a map well known to air simulation and naval battle players. This map is highly appreciated because it allows you to recreate certain major events of the Second World War such as the Battle of the Atlantic.
This map presents one of the largest areas in the game (128km x 128km) and represents a pleasant playground for players.


However, this card has certain disadvantages for air battles :

  • Despite its large size, it is complicated for bombers to gain altitude to cross the strait and attack the opposite coast safely.
  • This map is only playable with propeller planes, as soon as jet planes appear, the speeds allow you to cross the map in a few minutes and the relief mango can cause situations where a team is forced to stay at the above its airfields to be able to survive

This is why I am making this suggestion: create an extended map of the Strait of Dover which could be named β€œChannel”.


This map would have much larger dimensions than the already existing map and would be around 400km on each side (The black square represents the map in game).


  • This map is much larger than the others and would allow the game to develop over the course of a long game.
  • Possibility of creating historical scenarios in game: the beaches of Normandy would allow the creation of events concerning the landing of June 6.
  • Appearances of known places on the map such as Paris in France and London in England, these emblematic places of the Second World War would bring realism into play
  • Numerous possibilities for adding events for aerial battles (waves of bombers, protection of maritime convoys, etc.)
  • Solving the problem of high-rank planes, the size of the map would limit the arrival of the enemy team at airfields and leaves a large playing space for modern planes, especially with the arrival of SARH missiles in play


  • This map is big, very big. This could create a feeling of emptiness in play, especially for propeller planes which are much slower
  • Map playable only in simulator or naval mode to a certain extent
  • Necessary to recreate certain historic places, such as Paris or London, which would require a lot of time

In my opinion, the addition of this map would reinvigorate the simulator mode by providing what players have been asking for years: larger maps. In addition, the locations used on this map would allow the creation of new maps for battles in other modes: liberation of Paris by tank, bombardment of Le Havre in air AB or RB, etc.

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Category:Maps and missions - War Thunder Wiki
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Should be merged with britain map
I was about to make this suggestion but thank you