DCS inspired PvE mode for air battles

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A small team of players (4-6) have to choose the best loadout for the mission that’s generated, from SEAD/DEAD to taking out convoys to air interception. There will also be enemy aircraft that patrols the AO and will be alerted to the destruction of their friendly units.

Players start out in a briefing screen outlining the tasks/mission as well as what enemies will be encountered, it will detail where the enemy targets are on the map (in modes like SB and some RB variants only the grid zone will be marked). It will also detail the strength of enemy air patrols.

Once the player has a good understanding of the mission they can press “next”, this will take them to a loadout screen where they can customise what they will bring for this mission, all weapons will be available for their aircraft so it will be up to them to choose an arrangement best suited for the task.

Once they are happy with their selection they can then press the “I’m Ready” button, after all players have pressed this button, there will be a short timer and then the mission will begin.

All players spawn on the runway of a forward airfield and will have a short to medium length flight (depending on BR) to locate targets and come up with a plan of action, to go as a team, a duo or solo.


I am eagerly awaiting such a game mode!
I am sure that new generations of aircraft will emerge in the future, but it will be very boring to fight with the current AirRB forever.

Implementing a vast map like DCS and being able to run air operations comparable to DCS would create a large non-PvP market for WarThunder.


PvE game modes are a nice and necessary departure from PvP play. I think PvE modes that properly reward players would really help the mental health of the overall community. Players need a break from competition every once in a while.


I see many problems with the current AirRB.

  1. the game mode itself is old and boring.

Taking off from an airfield aligned with each other is boring because it is totally unrealistic and nothing interesting.

  1. there is no place for attack planes and bombers.

In the current AirRB, only fighters dominate the skies and there is little room for attack planes and bombers.
Even if they barely survive, they usually do not have enough time to earn points.

  1. immediately after the sale, the number of premium aircraft increases too much and players’ skill matching becomes unbalanced.

From BR 11.0 to 12.3, the battlefield becomes chaotic because even players just starting out in WarThunder can purchase the highest ranked aircraft.

I think these three in particular are the problems with Air RB.

If a fun PvE mode is implemented, attack planes and bombers will be able to play alongside fighters, and beginners who are not good at PvP, veteran players who are tired of PvP and do not want PvP, veteran players who have purchased premium aircraft, and new players who have purchased premium aircraft will I believe this will allow people to enjoy WarThunder more and increase sales of content and premium aircraft.

I would like to see this DCS mode added while keeping the existing game modes.


I play IL2 and Strike Fighters, I’ve played also air-RB here and I stopped because of all reasons explained by Maccya00. This kind of battles are needed in ground RB too. I use my high levels tanks on single battles offered by modders; it’s something immersive and far away from post stamp size maps battles offered in ground RB.


I like the current Helo PvE mode. Its a bit too large for the Afganistan map. But anyway a good start of PvE modes.
And the earning are not bad either. Its rewarding enough.
I would prefer the PvE to be Sim Mode.

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I think a lot of players would enjoy it if there were both RB and SIM modes.

WarThunder has ground units and ships such as M113 APCs, transport trucks, and large tankers (these units can be found in AirRB AirSB Heli PvE).

These units would provide a more immersive game mode.

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I love this suggestion it adds so much to the game but I’m saying this as a sweedish main so maybe I need a second tree for this one and my 4 mavericks ajs but this also allow bombers to run Mission like there meant to with support or fast and high not having to worry about the premium a5 that’s targeting them like a chimp

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