Among Us Crossover Event

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Among Us Crossover Event

Sussus Amogus

Yes. Crossover with Among Us. The hit social deduction game that gained viral popularity in 2020. People have suggested anime and other franchise crossovers, naturally an Among Us one would follow.

With War Thunder’s new event system this can just be a normal grind event for April Fools, which would be the easiest thing to do.

However, what if we also made an Among Us event mode?

Basic Idea:
“Urban” map, possibly Sweden. Tight corridors and closed spaces like the Skeld Map.
Everyone is in a “crewmate” Sherman (as its in every tree), which is in all the Among Us colours
Useless rounds or non functional gun
Boosted speed
Winch always on

"Imposter "Sherman:
Same stats
Kills by winching other Shermans

Everyone starts in the centre of the map
Kill feed disabled
Arcade mode-ish, everyone has their nameplates visible

Tasks: Using War Thunder mechanics
ie: repairing machinery, pulling tanks a certain distance, “resupplying” in a cap point, shooting targets, etc.

There would be a “button”, maybe like a cap zone in the spawn area, if a tank goes on and “caps” it, an emergency meeting will be called. The cap will take a bit to “activate” like in Among Us

What about reporting dead bodies?
Yeah I don’t know how this would work, War Thunder doesn’t seem to be able to create a mechanic like this.
But in theory, a crewmate tank could report a dead tank by “interacting” with it using the winch
Then, player control is lost for a “cutscene” like the nuke animation or campaign.
Everyone is teleported to the spawn
In order to “vote out” people, it would be like the order system, and players would shoot at the person they think is the imposter. When you shoot someone they get a “point” in the order, the player with most order points is killed, then a kill message if they are an imposter or not

What about vents?
Sus. Venting would be rather hard to implement. I think there can be wooden pallets as the vents. An imposter can go on the pallet and “interact” with it. Then they get a map selection screen like when you call down artillery, and can teleport to other pallets.

What about Medbay scanning?
A useful mechanic in Among Us is the medbay scan, which can confirm whether the crewmate is innocent.

I think a way to implement this is calling down an “artillery strike”, you go to a part of the map that activates the artillery mechanic, which doesn’t do any real damage but is guaranteed to hit the “artillery position” (aka the medbay “scanner”). The only damage done will be to the barrel of the tank, an imposter’s barrel will be destroyed, but a crewmate will be left unscathed. This will take time, so if an imposter and crewmate are there, the imposter can kill the crewmate while they’re waiting.

Event Rewards:
9 Tiers/“stars”
Tier 1: Among Us Decal Box
Tier 2: Title: “Crewmate”
Tier 3: Among Us Decal Box
Tier 4: Among Us Crewmate Tank Decorator
Tier 5: Among Us Decal Box
Tier 6: Title: “Imposter”
Tier 7: Among Us Decal Box
Tier 8: Premium vehicle
Tier 9: “Ersatz” loading screen, ie a line-up of M10s with an Ersatz M10 in the middle

The decals, lootboxes, and decorators will be sellable on the market. If its a regular grind event some lootboxes can be added to some of the tiers

Among Us Decal Box:
Crewmate decals: All 18 selectable colours


Among Us logo:
If you collect all the crewmates, you’ll get an extra decal:

or some other art piece (amogus pinup lel)
Crewmate decorator: Just a 3D model of the red crewmate, the nendoroid is a good reference



Premium Vehicle:
In order to continue the Among Us theme, the vehicle reward has to be an “imposter” vehicle. An extremely easy reward to implement is to bring back the Ersatz M10.
However, if we were to add a new vehicle,
StuG III G Ersatz: There’s already a suggestion for this thing, StuG III G with some white stars painted on it, I would say this or the Ersatz M10 would be the most viable rewards from an implementation pov.

There’s also “VISMOD” tanks, like the KVT in-game. Here’s two examples
T-54 “Centurion”
AMX-30 B2 “Generic Soviet Tank” (these are truly the VISMODs of all time)

(Now this is podracing)

What about planes or boats?
Eh, IDK about “imposter” aircraft, other than Aggressor schemes like F-5C preorder camo.
For boats there is one option:
The German Commerce Raider Kormoran

But would Innersloth agree?
Ehhh, probably not. but we can hope.



Seems silly, although i would love a high tier award along with a low tier (stug erstatz + high tier vismod/modded captured/purchased vehicle (isreali super MI-24, stuff like that)

+100 ඞ



You propose an Among Us event and don’t even include the glorious SU-S2 SPG as one of the rewards? For shame!


I wonder what’s new in the suggestion sectio-



There was a picture I stumbled upon but I didn’t download it which was a German Sdfkz half track. I’m unsure if it was the smaller or the standard one that was modified to appear more like the US Half tracks.


Would it be well received among the playerbase? I don’t know. Would it be funny? Yes.

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See, the issue with the SU-S2 is that it isn’t actually sussy. This reminds me of the Su-6, aka Su-Six aka Susix aka Susiy aka Sussy.

Interesting, though I’ve only seen German-captured M3 half-tracks being used rather than disguised German half-tracks

Yeah, that’s the issue, it was one picture I saw and I never could find it again. It was the German Half Track with the stubby gun at the lower brs in the game but had a US Star painted on it and looked more like a US M3 Half Track due to the front being modified. So it was either disabled or was part of the Ersatz or simply not related at all but coincidently seems like it. Unsure.

There is thunder among us

For vismod or imposter planes I can think of a few
USAF/USN F-5s or A-4Es painted in aggressor colors to mimic Soviet planes
That one German plane that was a mix of a Bf 109 and a Spitfire Mk Vb
Israeli MIG-23MF (from Syria)
Proposed F-4 (VFS) that just looks like a MiG-23’d F-4
Prototype MIG-21 that looks like a MiG-19 or the Ye-8 prototype that looks way too advanced for when it was actually made (the 60s)

as for Boats, there were several times boats were modified to look like other boats (or things)
HMS Campbeltown was modified to look like a Type 23 Torpedo Boat for the Raid on St. Nazaire
HMS Centurion was modified to look like an in-service battleship for Operation Vigorous (sort of counts)
SMS Cap Trafalgar was disguised as HMS Carmania and its one and only battle would be against the real HMS Carmania, that story is kinda funny
That one Dutch minesweeper that was disguised as an island
KMS Tirpitz was disguised as civilian buildings one time

Maybe there are some suggestions that might improve the gam-



I would absolutely love it lol. It’s very creative and would be genuinely fun; WT needs sillier game modes. The only thing I don’t should hapoen is the nametag being visible, if it means being visible through the walls.

Other than that, amazing suggestion, it’s a shame that we lost the timing tho, so very unlikely to happen.

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Very sus. +1

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.