Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

This thread is a WIP, please let me know if I’ve missed anything or made any mistakes.

I wanted to create a central place to discuss the Challenger 2 and to consolidate the bug reports and create a master list of threads/bug reports for it


In 1986, then Vickers Defense Systems began a private venture to update and extensively redesign the pre-existing Challenger 1. By 1988 they had a working prototype and over the next several years it was refined and imrpoved. In 1991 140x Challenger 2s were ordered followed by a further 268 in 1994. The tank entered operational service in 1998 and subsequently replaced the earlier Challenger 1.

It has seen active service in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Iraq.

The only Challenger 2 ever lost during operations was due to a frriendly fire incidient in Basra on 25 March 2003. It was mistakenly hit and destroyed by another Challenger 2.


Technical Specs


4 Crew: Driver, Loader, Gunner and Commander

Length: 8.32m
Height: 2.49m
Width: 3.56m

Weight: 64’000kg
37mph (59kph) on road
25mph (40kph) off-road

Drive Systems

Perkins CV12-6A V12 disesel 26.1L
1,200 BHP
18.7 hp/t at 64 t
16 hp/t at 75 t

Gear Box
TN54E epicyclical transmission
6 Forward Gears
2 Reverse Gears

Horstman Defence Systems second-generation hydrogas suspension units (HSU)

Weapon Systems

Rotation speed 360° in 9 seonds (40°/s)

Main Armament
L30A1 - 120mm (55 Calibre) Rifled barrel

49 Maximum Shells
L27A1 APFSDS (Charm 3)
L34 White Phosphorus Smoke

Secondary Armament
L94A1 Coaxial 7.62mm chain gun
L37A1 7.62mm Loader hatch Machine gun

Leonardo “Enforcer” remote control weapon system, can be fitted with:
L37A2 7.62mm Machine gun
12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
40mm Automatic grenade launcher

Chobham Armour (Dorchester)
Optional NERA plates

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Legwolf’s detailed breakdown of issues:

Please check it out!

Please let me know if there is any missed items / bug reports for this post

Missing Features

Bug List

Challenger 2 Bugs:

Mobility related


Base Armour

Extneral Armour

Internal Armour

Other components



Weapon Systems


Main gun

Other armament


Challenger 2 Suggestions;

Challenger 3 Bugs (shall live here for now):


120mm L28A1 APFSDS is missing



You can remove the “making challenger TES worth the time investment” post, that one’s depreciated and “Fixing TES with all available research” should be referenced instead ^w^



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Would be good to also list the different propellant charges used by L27A1 and also velocity if we have any info

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I’m not overly sure where to look for that, but if anyone has that data, I’ll definetly add it

I was already thinking that we could do with swapping out the MGs on all the CR2s with the “Leonardo “Enforcer” remote control weapon system” Like we have on the TES just to get rid of the magic “ghost” guns we have currently. But no idea if it could be outfitted to all 4 other variants we have currently

While I haven’t completed my research post on CR2s armor, i’ll post these here as i’m sure it’ll come up at some point: here’s photographs of CR2s mantlet armor. As you can see, its mostly hollow except for the giant flat metal surface at the front of the breach. It’s hollow, not filled with NERA as the TOGS II electrical and signal cabling is fed through here.
Challenger 2E does not use TOGS though it’s unclear if the mantlet was reinforced with the extra space it now has.
There’s design reviews by manufacturers who clearly state the CR2 mantlet is considered a problematic area for a potential kill on CR2 if hit. Still researching if this was ever fixed and i’m digging up more info as I go along, but for the most part - here’s what we can see so far.


Just incase we end up with folks saying there’s triangle shaped NERA plates in there again haha
That said: I believe the armor thickness on the front of the mantlet MIGHT be NERA or just very thick steel. It’s far thicker than the game estimates though, just that the mantlet isnt filled with anything.

You can see where the strikeface ends and the hollow area begins on that last photo just under the gunner backup sights. See how there’s a noticable lip? Its also divides in two, like its laminated so possibly Steel ontop or NERA/Chobham. Unsure but there’s something going on there.

I do this research in my spare time as a senior analyst for one of the UKs universities, so i’ll dig through whatever tomes i’ve got to play with to say for sure or draw reasonable conclusions for.


Wire harnesses pictured are only about an inch diameter. The void needed to run them through isn’t necessarily very deep set from the bottom of the mantle


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Missed that, though that does cover all 3 Challengers not specifically the Challenger 2.

Take a look at image 1 and image 2. You can see where the wires get fed from and through. All the images suggest at the very least, the left side is a completely void cavity, with only the strikeface being armored and the breach face.
Whats on the right side - i’ve got no data but the appearance of an access panel similar to the left side with the wiring suggests it too, is hollow though the purpose of this is unclear.
There is likely far more protection than WT estimates, but it’s not got NERA composite wedges in there.


Reminder, it’s been reported.

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You’re a champion, Fireball 🧡
Love your work, dude


Have you checked here out ??

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I havent yet. I didnt think to actually check for a thread on the old forums. Woops. I’ll link it above and have a read through when I get a chance for things to add to this up-to-date thread