Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Medium compared to apex predators.

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btw in case it is the 2A7V, do you have nice pictures of it with mounted roof mgs? I have this feeling we gonna need to fight for that…

I would laugh.

“Allan, please add details.”

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looking at the picture of M4K armament, it can carry up to 14 “advanced” missiles. however only 4x long range missiles, which presumably are MICAs, and only 6 close range missiles. so i am not sure if the magic II is a close range missile or an advanced missile. but you only get 4x MICAs at most.



Is the Challenger 2s going to get some of their outstanding bugs/missing features fixed at the same time, otherwise this is instantly going to be the worse performing premium in the game before it’s even available for purchase


with the rest of the leaked premiums i would say those are all , 6 should count as medium

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MICAs are the advanced missiles and are for way later upgrade.

Long range are 530D.

That’s how i see the thing.


Considering the Mirage 4000 was abandonned in the late 80s and that the first test fire of the MICA missile was in 92, i seriously doubt that the “8 to 14 advanced missiles” line is referring to MICAs

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The advanced missiles are MICAs. “Long range” is 530Ds, “short range” is Magic 2 according to the m4k suggestion anyway


I highly doubt they would add MICAs right now, especially with the other leaked vehicles

Are we happy with gevdlob? I am. I will sell organs for Gaijin. Not my organs. But I will.


Oh you meant premiums in general.
I was talkin about T7 MBTs

Sure, the M4K that could come now is the “early” one with magic 2 and 530D at best.

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no dont blame it on the devs, blame it on the leadership. aaaand gaijin not doing any of their own 3d models. they outsource them all.

it was stated for the whole update a medium amount, so yeah those count, that statement was even before rank 8 was announced

Really don’t know what to think of the Abrams looking like an april fools joke

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seems very weird that triple mica hardpoints exist? they are quite big missiles afterall. but it’s true that nothing else makes sense.

i dont know, gives me florida man feels

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ps: put in spoiler big white pictures please :D