Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

I usually take four FAB-500’s and 4 S-25O’s and stay low, sweep around behind ground spawn and try to neutralize AA first.

But if the targeting on the K wasn’t so gimped, I’d be maining the Kh-29’s and lasering people.

NATO SPAA in comparison to the Strela,Pantsir and Tor is a joke.

I do see your point. I suppose then it is ultimately Gaijin decision. However I’d expect (hope really) that Taiho would be able to carry newer aircraft, otherwise Japan has no real answer to the behemoths that the US will be fielding at higher tiers. Shinano would give the better aircraft, however not a lot.
Of course they may only give Japanese carriers access to A6Ms (since A7Ms were never carried aboard ship) and let them be at slightly lower battle ratings so they can be more competetive.

And of course, after 1945 nobody can compete with the US in terms of carrier strength and capability. But that is a different issue.

If you can explain how volumetric is specifically creating a problem here, I’ll accept that. Enough people just blame volumetric for random problems though, so I’d prefer some elaboration.

I mean, my argument still stands.
While mavs are guided they’re needed for that jet since it’s lack of performance, load and extreme powercreep. Plus it is historical anyway.

Fixing some of these bug reports would help massively

Even basic things like crew position and ammo storage locations arent even correct currently

Also, guys, have you noticed the title Shini mentioned earlier? TEC just did a video on it…

For those still unaware: “warthunder . com/en/news/8616-development-t-90m-obr-2017-the-modern-masterpiece” broke the link so you all could read it out.

Thermal pods really are the meta, and nothing can surpass the ones on afterburning airframes.
What you said about Su-25 is on point.

War Thunder’s ammunition system doesn’t allow for hull ammo to be that much separation of ammo currently.
This is why it’s limited to 12 total, because the game cannot determine if you’re loading ammo into the 1st stage, or hull storage, at this time.
2S38 doesn’t have such restrictions IRL, and if you have a contradicting historical report go make one.
OTO wasn’t limited because of Gaijin’s own discoveries, it was limited in response to a player making a historical report with evidence.

Only TOR can hit skilled players, and as for Strela… lol. 1.5km IR lock range, photocontrast is the only other means and is defeated by the Earth/flying low.

And to the point of the BVMs turret im going to test this soon with DM33 and ill report back.

With video evidence if necessary

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I’ll be the BVM for you if you want.

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Right. Given the amount of suggested Italian vehicles by Nicho and the Italian suggestions discord server, there are a lot of very valid vehicles I personally would have preferred over the Hungarian branch. Last year felt far more like Italy being a main star in order to bring it up to be on par with other nations. Even during that attention, the US, USSR, and Germany still retained some degree of attention.

u dont want to start that conversation, it blows everything out of proportions . Besides that the unguided rockets the A-7E are a strong factor as well when used rright, tornado only has bombs

so you’re using a somewhat historical tactic

flying low and using the element of surprise is what the Soviet attackers were all made for after all

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apparently was a troll, and i wasnt the first who brought it up

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It’s sad that people feel the desire to do that stuff.

The huh?
Bro, have you played the damn thing in RB like, ever?
Saying “rockets” while having issues with flying at that BR is a literal crime my guy.

Ah, welcome to the Sub-TT club. The moment Britain got South Africa, the number of British vehicles being added was reduced by like 75%. So expect 1/2 to 3/4 of your vehicles over the course of the next few years to be hungarian not Italian

its way better then most CAS options other nations get at that br, and loadout wise stronger then tornado aswell

I mean you can make use of rockets by cuddling with the trees

Photocontrast on Strela is a BULLY. It’s very goated. I like it as much as my 2S6(M1 upgrade), which is no longer as gimped as it was before the missile AI guidance change.

Unless things change, the ONLY thermal pod anything Russian will have is the few Damocles capable airframes they have.

Everything either doesn’t exist, or is “high contrast, non-all weather TV guidance pods”. USSR/RuF is permanently gimped in that regard.