Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 4)

Was gunna ask the same thing

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Italy could have easily just gotten AIM-9Ms on its F-16, which makes it even worse.

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Yeah, they really could

What are you saying make no sense because while you may like playing in a disadvantage positions not everyone Is like you.
And aside for the olpreserie every single Ariete play in a disadvantage. But i Guess br and objective veichle stats are irrelevant when you are soo much skilled

I Will also clarify this because seens like my english Is lacking
This Is the First Time you see another italian main complain about Italy

I really wanna hear if they made right by the Abrams and Challenger.


I’ve been crossing off a few bug reports in the past few days, but quite a few left for the CR2.

Gunna be a few months I reckon before we see any meaningful changes. If any come at all


The wait for knowing what they did with the SEPv2 LFP armor is killing me for real.


god I am so excited to play a plane that has a turning circle smaller then a battleship

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I want to believe this, but the only problem is that there wasn’t an export version datamined from the CDK or found on the dev server. There was just the standard Italian model (the only other user was Brazil, and their AMXs were fitted with twin DEFAs instead of the single Vulcan.

HOWEVER, that’s not to say it’s not possible…
A prem Brazilian AMX is honestly the perfect plane for Gaijin to use to pull a fast one on us (in terms of it being an unexpected addition)


Brazil had a part in developing the AMX, so it’s misleading to say that it’s an export user.


Fair point (I forgor)

The Ariete AMV got moved to Tier 8. Now Italy has a Tier 8 MBT. What else do you want? I swear it*ly players are only complaining.

What I want is a god damn bee sting cake!

Also Italy has the Otomatic at 11.3 so they already have their Air Superiority part (if the aircraft is within 2km (preferably flying in a straight line))

Bruh my bingo card comment got removed what the hell ?

Is a DOA supposed to help me?

actually no, because it would get the AIM-120 much likely

Germany has the Mig29G which is currently one of the best planes in game. It’s also one of the best options Germany can get before things get too advanced

they already add winter event reward in dev


Nice, wait, where are the vilkas missiles?