Why Does Gaijin HATE Australia

Great, so Australian Abrams or Canadian Leopard to the British TT should be fine then. As they are both commonwealth nations.

Along with either Canadian F-18 or Australian F-18 as a top tier fighter stop gap for Britain until Typhoon. Glad that has been settled.

The AIM and C2A are where they belong. It’s really not that difficult to understand.


and im tired of playing 11.3s vs 12.3s and that being completely acceptable. Just imagine for a moment if the US TT consisted of the F-14A (with no Aim-54) and the F-111C and that was it. But you still had to fight Mig-29s all day long and the Soviets were likely getting the Su-27/Su-30 soon.

People act like the US still isn’t stuck with the M1A2 in top tier, not even with M829A3 or anything.

The US is the biggest NATO nation you have enough stuff to be added

I’d like to direct your attention to the bug list for the CR2

For the record… A vast majority of Brit mains would love to see the CR2 fixed and be viable. Gaijin has somewhat proven it doesnt even want to look at the CR2 not too mention fix it. An Abrams or Leopard at top tier could be a patch for it in the meantime. T-90 clearly does not belong on our TT either and among other options (there were many, including British exported vehicles or modified British vehicles like the Challenger 1 Falcon) a Leopard or Abrams would have fitted better

L27A1 for the record. Should likely have around 700mm of pen (not its current 564mm of pen) . and should be one of the highest in game. its lower than all other western tanks currently. This has been reported with multiple sources

Please answer some questions for me.

How many spitfires did America build?

How many f-111C did America have in service ?

How many Australian spec and upgraded Abram’s did America use in service?

How many Canadian spec leopards did Germany use?

How many hunters did Germany have in service?

Which country designed the harrier?


This CF18 looks very british to me i wonder why they would do that


The spitfire was flown by Americans fighting to defend your country. It was added before Britain was in the game.

The AIM and C2A are American and German vehicles in the American and German tree.

Non British vehicles don’t belong in the British tree.

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So Australia is part of the US and Canada is part of Germany?

So SA don’t belong some people who are from commonwealth nations would like it all under one nation

No, but American based vehicles go to the American tree.

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And the mustang was made for British


South Africa is a British sub tree.

What about japan and some of german they have America stuff
Why does commonwealth stuff nedd to go to the people that originaly made it

Then British based vehicles should be in Britain (I.E Spitifre, Hunter, etc) and Canadian and Australian Vheicles should be in their appropriate TT where most of their other vehicles are located and the TT which has been confirmed to be receiving Commonwealth vehicles in the future.

Haha nope it wasn’t added before Britain was in the game hahaha Britain has been in since closed beta along with USA, Russia, Germany and Japan. The spitfire was added during open beta.

Spitfire is a non British vehicle yet its in the British tech tree. Double standards are fun huh

Like the harrier then?

So why can’t canda and Australia

Because Japan and Germany are trees in game AND used those vehicles.