IFVs for top tier minor nations

Would love to see all of the IFVs that are missing from Chinese tt that should have been added a long time ago


3-4 MBTs, AA, 2-3 planes, helicopter.
My current lineups for Italy, Russia, Germany, America, and Sweden consist of 3 MBTs, 2 aircraft, 1 helicopter, 1/2 AAs, and 1/2 light tanks. Past that I just add a reserve or 1.0 biplane like the Po-2 or J-11/CR-42.

I feel sorry for you. I myself refuse to grind it out on this account.

I feel like using a pretty mid hull from the late 70s to early 80s has a very large part in this. That was the main issue I found with the challengers, along with the godawful powerpack and tranmission.

I’d love for the ADATS itself to go up to 12.0 if it meant an AA reclass. It would make America more enjoyable late-game if things don’t go too well, as well as give me a reason to choose it over the LAV-AD.
I heard the Starstreaks have been super fucky recently, is that true?

Yet here you are, still professing you don’t hate IFVs while speaking otherwise.

I haven’t spoken anything that would say I hate IFVs, because I don’t.

“there is no disparity between tech trees”
“france / britain / china have full 11.7 lineups”

You discount the existence of IFVs and balk at the addition of high tier IFVs.

If your reason for doing so isn’t that you hate IFVs, the only other possible explanation is that you’re intentionally trolling which is against forum TOS. Which is it?


Granted we have that. Though the lower mobility of the Challengers would beenfit massively from a light tank/IFV, even just a good 10.3-10.7, for support.

It was painful and until the Challenger 2s have been fixed, Im just sticking with ASB for now.

It does have some IRL drawbacks, but dont take the ingame interpretation to heart. It has sooooo many issues its actually insane. Check out: Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion - #2 by Morvran I actually need to update that list, we’ve had a lot more submitted in the past few days.

Yeah, that would work too, though quite a few would still absolutely love the Tracked Rapier, its quite an iconic British vehicle. Even if the ADATS was still the prefered/better, I’d still want it.

Completely broken, apart from a few months like a year ago, they have been since added.

Not only is the Stormer HVM, missing a LOT of features. The Starstreaks themselves are having some kind of issue where they essentially phase through a target. Planes usually, but will also happen to helis. Its possible its something to do with the speed of the missile and the server tick rate or something. But they dont really know and we have absolutely no timeline for if/when it will be fixed.

Though the Stormer HVM could be equipped with different SAMs, as a stopgap, and none of them would be unreasonable for the current BR. THey would be on par to other nations. The main one is called LMM

(Apache could probably also do with ATAS for now as well, at least as an option)

We also have several other SPAA options, like the Stormer Air Defence

Which would add a stinger based SPAA system with radar and 30mm Gatling gun.

Though we have LOADS of SPAA systems that could and should be added which could offset the issues with the Stormer HVM. Even a rover with javelins mounted on the back :D


True, though I feel the mobility of the challengers would benefit massively from a good selection of powerpack. Take some fucking notes Britain.
Would love to see the Ajax though.

Oh shit, wanna play sometime? I’ve been trying to grind down Italian air to get the AV-8B+.

Many of the points given in your Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion - #2 by Morvran post don’t address issues that I personally find with it, and even if all of these were to be fixed, it isn’t a tank that is appealing to me.

I feel this would end up somewhat like the Chaparral. Just another crappy vehicle to get in the way of vehicles I’d rather have.

There are many server issues that I take issue with, and having entities despawn at certain distances only makes this worse.

As an ATAS user, no.

Maybe at some point. Just gotta make sure Italy and Britain can actually play together.

Would be fine if it had its IRL 20-22G of pull.

But yeah, as for the rest of it, Cr2 will always be niche. Kinda why alternatives I think are really important for the British TT (Just 1 Canadian Leopard please) but also IFVs and ATGM launchers (Boxer that fires Brimstones anyone :P)

But yeah, its tricky. Gaijin seem obsessed with adding more and more Challenger 2s, but its just not what the British TT needs.

Thats just Gaijin. Regen Steering please. And APU as well.

They do, though I’m fine with anything.

Not even that would save a contact fused missile. I hate them altogether.

You have a T-90S, I feel as if a Leopard 2A6M isn’t that far of an idea.

What do you mean it isn’t what the TT needs??? You mean to tell me you didn’t want 9 Challenger 1/2s???

APUs are something that no nation has, though it seems as if they’re contemplating it. I personally see this as more of a ratty addition.

True, though would help at lease

yeah it really isnt. Why the hell they picked a T-90 is beyond me, so many interesting options. The Challenger 1 Falcon won the poll for something to addf instead of it. But yeah, just one, either that or we could have gotten the Australian M1A1 AIM, but that went to the US tree.

Would be nice, just for one alternative.

Yep, nor is regen steering. But with most British vehciles, they are bad due to missing game mechanics and not becaues they are bad IRL

Awesome. Would be fun to fly with people.

I tend to stick above 8.3. Im lazy and like SAS mode. I have been meaning to learn props, but I think I need rudder pedals first.

I think it just easier for them as the arjun wouof been a better choice as it similar to whats already in the tech tree

You wanna talk about this shit?

How about most of the games mechanics not favoring VR or HOTAS applications, as well as control binding being very limiting. That’s my most hated thing.

Yeah, im planning a suggestion for improvements to the radar controls at some point.

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It makes things a little more laid-back and less intesive.

I personally stick with the on-screen joystick with mouse / keyboard, since a 3-axis stick just feels clunky and unresponsive for props.

Yeah, I use the X-56 HOTAS and I think I need to spend a while configuring a control scheme specifically for Props. But Pedals I think will help too. Then I need to start with something other than a Spitfire. They are really unforgiving. Might start with the Hurricane or I’ve heard the Typhoons are quite easy to fly.

Same here. Saitek kinda sucks ass, but it’s the best of cheap sticks.

BF-109 is one of my favorites, just because the torque is just perfect enough to learn how to control and get used to, as well as the flight model being great for beginning. The F-4 is my personal best.

Shall bare that in mind, Thank you ,though I only play Britian at the moment. But I do need to make a point to just try out a load of different props before settling on one to “master”. Eventually, the goal has to be a Spitfire. Naturally.

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I agree with this. Japan still has a few it could get, China desperately needs one, Italy is actually fine, it has quite a few, France needs one, and Israel needs it the most of any nation.

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Mayby Gajin should visit defence expo worldwide and get idea’s for they next verhicle introduction.