Answering your concerns regarding spall liners, MBTs and Aircraft

What a load of …insert expletive here.

For those wishing for the highlights.

Apparently - the modern US 120mm ammunition designed to defeat modern armour and ERA - according to Gaijin it doesn’t make a difference. But they might add it if the reload buff doesn’t work. WELL WILL IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE OR NOT?

Leopard 2A7 - developed WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY after the Swedish trials - apparently has gained the ability to travel back in time and use armour from 1995. I mean the Germans are clever at this sort of thing but time-travel is still beyond them.

‘No reliable evidence for…bla bla bla.’ Is that reliable evidence or ‘reliable evidence’ according to the dev’s preconceptions. These are the people who refuse to accept some of the most well-researched public sources (Janes Defence for example) but will happily use some rando Russian blogger article as a source.

Not moving BRs to 12.7? I don’t doubt the ALREADY potent 12.3s are all pretty much equal in terms of their ability to stomp all lower tiers and compress the top tier to an almost insane degree. Raising the BRs benefits more than just the immediate bracket - dur!

Crumbs - I can’t WAIT to see what gems we have on Challenger 2. Get a hollywood scriptwriter to fart out the spiel next time - it’ll be more grounded in reality for one thing.

Bloody hell. Just when you think they can’t get any worse…



  • Ess on challenger 2 coming out the wrong exhausts
  • Challenger 2 (All): Turning issue when at low speed. + Low speed turning gearing issues
  • Challenger 3 (TD) turret floor invisible and missplaced.
  • Challenger 3 TD turret bustle ammunition not exploding/venting.
  • Challanger 3 (p) armor missing and not aligh with the model
  • Challenger 3 (p) wrong weight
  • Challenger 3(P) name not suitable
  • Challenger 2F and TES wrong ammo count in Enforcer RCWS belts
  • Challenger 2 BN Incorrect commander optics magnification
  • Ammunition armoured stowage bins too thin
  • TES Incorrect Additional Side Armour Composition


  • Incorrect side hull armour protection - LINK

As mentioned in the article, we will have further details and answers to share later.


shame that nearly everything else duck all didnt get addressed, it is nice for the Challenger, but you guys are just blatantly disregarding the other nations


All marginal changes. What about the mantlet armour that has had a report “aknowlaged” for 7 months now


Are you(gaijin) going to put AMRAAMS at 12.7 against 11.7?


Maybe… Some issues still being reported I think. So I think it would be more accurate to say “Partial (stopgap) fix” for this issue.

The rest are minor modelling issues that have very little impact on performance or balance. All the bug reports that would actually radically improve the performance of the CR2 havent even been looked at yet as far as I am aware

(the full list of bug reports can be found here. Whilst I try to keep it up to date. Im certain i’ve probably missed a few reports)


These changes change nothing. Until we get a better mantlet the tank will still be as useless no matter we’re the ess smoke comes out from


Well ya see…

K-1 Wasn’t effective against KE
K-5 was mildly effective against KE.
Relikt ERA is very effective against KE. (According to the MoD)
M829A3 with specific Anti-ERA tip is not effective against ERA.

How was this not obvious to you???


“Resistant to 30mm APDS”
“Oh Da,da we get it, 30mm effective KE”
STANAG protection levels must be like Sumerian cuniform to the devs


Please see the answer as explained in the news article:

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So the mantlet armour is getting fixed?


Turret traverse has finally been adressed earlier, hoping more reports will get through with Challenger’s and Ariete’s.

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Its just historical lol. Its fixing a nerf

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12.7 is NOT enough. There is no planet were the current crop of 11.3s have any business facing the 12.3 craft. All the 12-.3 aircraft ruin the experience for anything flying 11.0 or 11.3. Please consider an actually jump in BR up to 13.3 so there’s room for many of these jets to breathe with decompression.

The premium Tornado should go to 10.7 and bring the IDS MFG back with it. Neither of these aircraft have any business facing F16 and Mig 29s, especially with a broken FM, incorrect chaff amount and a lack of ECM/TSPJ pods.

SB needs a new bracket for current 12 and 12.3 aircraft. 11.0 to 12.3 is absolutely nuts and not enjoyable in the slightest.


I understand that you can be upset, because you do not like the answers you got, but that do not justify rule breaking behaviour many of you have started to vent your frustration.

This is War Thunder forum and this forum was created for discussion, not to throw insults and swears on Developer team or other users, who got different opinion than you.

Please focus on topic and do not break rules.



give it more 50. or a MK19

It’s not a matter of opinion, it’s Gaijin refusing facts to artificially nerf specific vehicles.


Not sure this is fixed lad?


Im sorry but this is retarded. The tank layout and shell weight affect the reload. This poll is just rage

Thats a historical reload for the abrams. If you have basis then of course its valid, but currently your only basis is “Waaah thats unfair”


At the moment, there are no open reports on it. So if there are other issues, they have not yet been properly reported. All of the reports on it were fixed.

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