Challenger 2 camouflage netting

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Hello everybody, this is my suggestion for a model update to the challenger 2’s camouflage netting found on the Challenger 2 TES and 2F.
I think its time for the camo nets on the challengers to be updated now that we have other vehicles with high quality netting like the premium Leopard 2 shown here:

In comparison to the above photo the challengers nets are very poor quality and don’t really look like nets at all as shown here on the challenger 2F:

These nets are, as far as I’m aware unrealistic, and so I think we should have a model change to stop these nets looking poorly rendered, especially now we have seen high quality nets on other tanks, below are some examples of the different challenger 2’s camo nets.

Challenger 2 OES, with a desert net.

Challenger 2, with a winter net.

Challenger 2F, with a shrubland net.
Challenger 2 (2F) camo net

As well as an update for the challenger’s, we should also be able, for all tanks, to have different camo nets for different environments as currently in game we only have ‘forest’ nets, but we could also have desert and winter nets, which are shown on the pictures above, this feature is already in the game in the form of the TES’ ‘Technology Demonstrator’ and 2F’s ‘Devilish’ user-made skins, available on the marketplace. It should also be possible to remove these nets independently from the armour packages on the challengers, as it is possible in real life.

Challenger 2F, without a net

Thank you for reading, I hope you will agree with me that these models should be updated and I would love to hear your thoughts :D


Awesome, the suggestion made it through. This would be really cool for the Chally 2s


Haha, this was a suprise to be honest, now we just need people to vote on it lol.


Why isn’t this just already in the game?



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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.