Seriously? All 120mm M1 get 5s reload time

This is just not true. Literally every single 10.0 game for USSR has been 80-100% premiums. I see significantly more prems on Russian teams

Quit spreading this libel, this needs to die.

Premiums have little to do with it, because its the same ratio.

Its the vehicles dude


False. Its been reported multiple times as a bug. Theyre just only accepting it now *because * of tve terrible state the abrams itself is in. The is a direct part of fixing that

Stop lying, it is historical and even 4s isnt rare, with 3s achieved by many loaders


Yeah, unfortunately reload speeds are purely a balancing thing. Though what annoys me, isn’t that the Abrams got that buff, but none of the other MBTs did as well. Like the Challenger 2, Le Clerc or Ariette which I think are all performing much worse.

I think it was just appeasement for the Spall liner/DU stuff recently


Its all it is. You have to kick and scream for Gaijin to fix anything. These guys are acting like its some selfish thing US mains did. This is exactly what gaijin wants, infighting. Burning energy to ask to nerf the US again instead of using energy to fix the other western vehicles

Frankly this community is so Effing immature and toxic. Literally repulsed


Type 10/90 Emergency Rapid Fire feature please of 2.3 seconds reload :D If Gaijin gave Abrams 5 seconds, give the rest 5 seconds too and the autoloaders their max reload speed.

Yeah, perhaps. Though I think Brit mains might have finally scared them over the past few months as they have suddenly started looking at the CR2. More bugs have been resolved in the past few weeks than in the past year

Though still a lot to go

But we are due our own Dev-Blog, though after the last few. We are slightly scared

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I dont disagree, this company needs to give every nation one. My steam review is negative again. They need to grow up as a company

They added the faster reload because balancing. 5 seconds can be historically accurate, 3 seconds can be achieved, but they did not add the 5 second reload because of many bug reports. Everyone else has made also tons of bug reports about the reloads of other vehicles, they were also ignored. The reason they don’t ‘‘bug fix’’ the reports is because it would affect the strength of a vehicle too much and they have a reason they gave it a longer reload when the crew could do less. It isn’t really a bug, everyone has seen videos of people doing 3-4 second reloads. Its simply balance.

And lets finally model autoloaders too

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smh 100 reply cope, just accept it, Americans are stronger

The way gaijin is handling other nations is wrong, but its no excuse to remove a fix for a certain vehicle that needed it too. There were reports for it, gaijin knew it was possible

While yes, it still was a direct response to the DU/“armor is fine” trash.

Its not to say it wasnt also already bug reported

Every nation deserves its fixes, this is our start as a community

Yep, thats been my biggest complaint of the year. Especially in air where Im mostly. Seeing nations get 12.3s before Britain and Sweden even got 11.7s, not too mention 12s. Really sucked. They really need to work on adding/balancing around all 10 nations, not just 2.

I get it, US and USSR have more options and generally more of the playerbase. Buts its a self-fulfilling prophecy if they only add content/buffs to those 2 nations. Of course everyone is going to play them

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Ok but the bug report had no effect on their decision, they already know the reload times that can be achieved, anyway.

Sure it would be cool to have ‘‘realistic’’ hand reload times, even ones that change if you drive on bumpy ass terrain. Loader would probably drop the shell if you crashed into a wall… But balance is also important and it is harder to achieve without being able to touch the reload time.

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For sure.

I mean even British naval, like are we serious here? 2 magic ghost ships from 2 of the worst navies at the time (USSR and Ger) are somehow stomping 2 of the worlds largest most powerful navies US and Brit. I mean Japan is done dirty too, theyre navy was iconic, albeit if not as large as the British and US navy

As an American main, I think US air is the only place gaijin gives its extra “big nation” love. Ground is a nightmare. I just switched sides and bought the turms/2s38 and Ive actually stopped thinking and it works most the time

Type 10 could use a reload nerf, this thing is meh. Only reason its not too offensive is that japan is not that much played.

I agree with this, yes fundamentally, the fix wasnt cited from a bug report but “feelings” from gaijin.

I too support a dynamic terrain loading system. And all western tanks getting proper reloads. We need to raise hell about that, not sh*t on US mains or the abrams which yes, I know its not literal paper like the Ariete, Type 10 and Merkava in that order, but it does still have massive artificial weaknesses, and we need to band together to have everything that isnt russian or sweden being good/accurate.

The state of the Royal Navy is a bit of a disgrace. Though the biggest problem facing Britain top tier naval at the moment is how they are balancing the larger calibre shells we have on the HMS Hood. We have an artificially increased shell dispersal which renders us hugely in-accurate at longer ranges (I have missed an entire salvo, with near enough half of the shells landing long and the otehr half landing short)

iirc, IRL the Hoods gun were some of the most accurate in the world. This renders 2 of our top tier BBs (Hood and Renown) very very weak. Not too mention the kinda joke at this point which is the Glorious.

We need some of our actual brawlers, sure, like the King George V. But they also just need to figure out a better way to balance top tier naval, because the smaller guns on everything else at 7.0 are hugely accurate in comparison and can just pick us apart at long range


They might make it in the future but it would also throw off all the current balancing that they have made so far, and then they would have to model in autoloader jamming too…

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I would love a true Dynamic reload system. With not only additional stages of ammo (truth is first shell or 2 should be really fast, like 3 seconds, and then after that it should drop off) but also reload rates based upon whether a manual loader is moving or not. Would also then add greater value to the auto-loaders, which might have a slower average, but a consistant reload time no matter what

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Of course he will be underperforming, if majority of abrams players are 0.5 kd noobs))