Armor on all NATO tanks

To summarize the current state of tanks:

Leclerc has one in preparation.
Abrams requires hard data/cutaways now.
Ariete is… yeah.
Strv 122s are correct.
2A7V requires something special.
Challenger 2s… dunno.
Merkava Mk4 specifically has known inaccuracies but by how much we definitely need source material for.
Type 10 has a number of acknowledged reports already.

So any information that can help Liquid here would be nice.


Thank you.

my one wish is for gaijin to make the leclercs and arietes historically accurate, or at least useable. ideally they would fix all the issues with both tanks, but i dont expect that any time soon.

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Dont do a massive bug report. They only want bug reports that are about a single factor. The large multiple isssue reports tend to get closed. Just make a lot of small ones with enough info on each.


Ok but i still don’t have any info to work with. 🤣

For the Chally 2, the best bet is to look through the bug reports:

Plenty of detail on those. If you need specific sources, either look through the thread or DM the bug creators.

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Well the Arietes are not that far from being accurate, I think the only issue is weight/protection with the WAR kit.
Leclers are beggining to see reports implemented so it’s excellent, I hope it’s gonna continue this way

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The 100mm combined hull protection is correct? I thought that it had composites and not just air there. I guess the Panzer-4H is still an effective AT weapon as long as your fighting italy lmao

If you find a youtube video by some 14 year old Belarusian kid that claims something good about the T-90M, thats enough evidence for a buff.


even though the video got nothing to do with USA they will nerf the ADATS again, and add DU to t90M


I did say that there was still issues with protection

And the Type 99/99A are… Well let’s just say that people have worked hard to no avail

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Hey just a reminder i need websites and content to make the bug report i sadly can’t use you guys a sources

Hey that’s source material, he’s probably building or driving them 😂

Rightfully so comrade. America big lie, armor made from cardboard. Soviet armor made of copium, strongest material in known universe.

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Buddy, I was originally super excited. I thought you had sources already. You are going to have to put significant work into this. The people putting up PRs against this right now dedicated hours of research or days of research into each report. You can’t just come on here and expect the sources to be handed to you. Additionally, if you don’t have the time to find and acknowledge them, it’s going to be hard to prove that the sources given are valid and you aren’t wasting your time anyway.

I’d start looking at the Discords and external forums that discuss these vehicles already. They are a great starting point and will teach you a lot about the vehicles. Also a really good way to get unclassified documents.

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I already have started I know it is going to be a huge project but I want to do it I have started some research already, but I was asking if anyone would share what they found so I could add it. I know that it is not going to be handed to me but I just wanted a head start if you know what I mean. I see where you’re coming from but I do believe I will be able to do this. That post was a little misleading because I said I need the stuff to make the bug report when I was trying to convey that I just can’t take your words for it.

I’m also going to have my entire summer break to work on this. I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands and I wanted to try to improve this game. I was just trying to get some help on websites I should check out/ what I should be looking for to make the bug report viable. 😁

side armor made of lenin’s mighty dark matter

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I think you should start by looking at all the successful reports and rejected reports. Ignore what’s currently in progress, figure out how they succeed and what causes them to fail.

Then definitely get sources outside of this website. Check out military focused discord groups or war thunder oriented discords. Great resources for these documents. Sometimes this forum is pretty good at leading astray and distracting with these things.

It’s going to be pretty monumental.

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