British high tier Squadron tank options / Petition to NOT add T-90S to Britain

Im an air main. So not overly interested in GRB. But Im british and the chally 2s have such an awesome reputation and I also wanted to be able to use the Torando, Harrier and apache in teh gamemode they were deisgned for. But man, the challys are rough to play and yeah, you can feel the lack of a line up. I need a second chally 2 ASAP.

new brit vehicles are always my first thing to grind after an update and by the first weeks end ive unlocked them, usually 2 to 3 days for a top tier. took me 2 updates to grind the last because i just couldnt see the point.

By the third one i just checked out, they dont add anything, then they slap an actually mobile one at the end of a wall, aint nobody got time for that, especialy if my backup is horrible.

They have nothing to play with, so its just your playing challys and that is the end of that.

Yeah, and I’d not mind that too much, im happy bringing CAS or SPAA (When Ive got one unlocked) but I just wish the chally 2s were… good. I’ve got a thread going on the bugs/missing features and my god, its long…

Its a long list, but the biggest is the fact you lose all speed if you turn even a little, but that is an argument for another time. I just find it funny people think slapping in a t-90 is going to change anything

Yeah… At 10.7, no one is going to play it.

use your left and right brakes when moving, its more efficient

Need to actually set up binds for those maybe. but still not an ideal solution.

its really good, especially for tanks that dont have neutral steer

No idea how I’d bind that mind you. How have you got it set?

Wait the challys dont have neutral steering XD

Uptier it to 11.3 all day baybe XD

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Ugh, rather suffer in the Chally than in the T-90, Chally at least has reverse

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Probably the only option, well, unless they want people to 1DL

Maybe it isnt. unfortunately in the absence of anything else we are somewhat forced to resort to using it

However, I do not feel the T-90 would be a good addition. the Playstyles of T-90 and Challenger are two entirely different ones. you’re going to have players that buy it and don’t have a lineup, or do have a lineup but are going to struggle to switch playstyles mid-match. Coming from a British perspective i already despise the thing because it can’t reverse

Thank you, will have a play later.

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you do realise the foldering is somewhat a good thing in the British tree in the sense you do not have to pointlessly research one challenger after another

my argument to you would be “we wouldn’t be in this position if we had insert applicable British Utility/light/air defence/tank killer vehicle in our tech tree”

the big one for me is the gap in Air defence between 8.3 and 10.3. until you have the stormer, you’re expected to, what, use your guns? agaibst Bullpups, CCIP bombing aircraft, and in an uptier Mavericks and TV Bombs? It would be very useful to have a stepping stone in the middle, an equivalent of the Strela for example.