Any reason why XeSS is still not available on AMD GPUs?

Probably because XeSS that is widely compatible is different than the one for Arc GPUs.

As to why XeSS came first? Probably some passion project for someone at Gaijin, which is nice, but i do wish they could give something a majority of the playerbase could make use of, probably FSR. (Instead of the 100 people that can make use of this, is cool tho person at Gaijin, please continue such projects, only good things come from them)

It can be enabled by changing the contents of the config.blk file, but I think this feature is currently buggy. It makes the bushes colorful when you get close to them.

What values work, for me, it automatically changes back to -1? I’d love to see if it works for me because anything is better than TAA.

1, 2, 3 is work. They correspond to different Xess levels. After changing the Settings, remember to change this file to read-only, otherwise it will be automatically disabled by the game to -1.

I still hope that these issues are fixed before Christmas;

-Abrams SEP, SEPv2 and AIM armor underperforming.

-Challenger 2-3 armor issues.

-Leopard 2A7V armor bugs.

-Leopard 2 PSO’s armor underperforming.

-Challenger 3 TD having MTU engine sound instead of Perkins.

-Perkins (Challenger) engine sound having Leyland (Chieftain) revving up sound effects for some reason.

Many of these issues were reported and “acknowledged” during the Dev Server, and other issues have been dragged for even longer…

Also, now that the Abrams tanks got a 5 second reload, I think Challenger 3 TD should too, just like the Challenger 2s.


We can only hope. But we have had
zero communication on how the progress is going on the challenger 2/3’s issues at least (not sure about the Leo’s and Abrams). Despite asking multiple times. Haven’t even got a “dunno bro”.

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I have been checking the update patch notes these days so excited for ANY of these fixes…

Today, I read “Challenger 2” and I had my hopes up, then I saw… checks notes- “engine smoke (ESS) coming out of the wrong exhausts when using the armor package.”

I mean, a bug is a bug and it’s cool to have it fixed and all… but I would honestly rather have and expect some of the armor bugs fixed instead… or at least the absolutely and blatantly obvious engine sound mistakes…

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Yes, they released a full on essay on the abrams and Leo’s armour and 2 lines on the challys saying they are fixing and looking into issues. WHAT ISSUES?

Mantlet, hull?

Lemme sum it up a bit:

1- Leopard 2 PSO:
-Should have D-tech (600mm KE) hull, instead of C-tech (420mm KE).
-Upper front plate does not bounce shots whatsoever; not even at 84º angles, while every other Leopard’s UFP does bounce them off, just like any 81º> plate (Leos are 82º).

2- Leopard 2A7V:
-Glacis armor is, for some reason, 90mm weaker than the one found in the older Strv 122s.
-Turret armor is, for some reason, 130mm weaker than 2A5/6/PSO/122’s.
-Upper front plate does not bounce shots whatsoever; not even at 84º angles, while every other Leopard’s UFP does bounce them off, just like any 81º> plate (Leos are 82º).
-Missing acceleration (should NOT accelerate slower than 2A5; its powerplant was modified to make up for the additional weight.)

3- Challenger 2 (all), Challenger 3 TD:
-Side armor should be 50mm instead of 38mm.
-Internal shield and gun trunnion/rotor should be at least 400mm thick, instead of 200mm thick.
-Challenger 3 should have the Perkins CV12 engine sound, instead of the MTU engine sound.
-The Perkins engine sounds like a Leyland (Chieftain) engine when revving up for some reason.
-For some reason, the middle glacis section is significantly weaker than the glacis’ sides (520mm KE compared to 580mm KE).
-Back ammorack still not counted as first-order rack, although it should.
-Excessively slow first-order ammorack replenishment speed.

4- M1A2 SEP, M1A2 SEPv2:
-Hull armor is missing at least ~35% of its KE effectiveness.
-Turret armor is missing ~33% of its KE effectiveness.
-TUSK can not be removed (on SEPv2).

5- M1A1 AIM:
-Hull armor is missing ~35% of its KE effectiveness.

6- Abrams (all):
-Missing front and top fuel tank armor plates.

So… yeah. I am still greatly disappointed that we haven’t seen a single one of these fixes after all this time.


Hello everyone, has anyone noticed that you cant pitch up with holding your throttle up key or your free look ? if you have any suggestions on how to fix please reply.

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Going to add “CHARM 3 Should have equal if not better penetration than DM53” and should ignore the effect of Russian APFSDS destroying ERA

And TES and OES should have 84mm (at least) of KE protection and 1200-1800mm Chemical protection for its “ERA” alone, which should be renamed to ASPRO-HMT.

Challenger 2’s hull is 55mm too, I think, not 50

Found the issue, some controls got reset to default for some reason which made them conflict.

The track jerking while turning for the Challenger 2s is still present, now it cant decide between gears 2 and 3.
Also the Challenger 3TD still has the jerking problem, not deciding between gears 3 and 4.

Challenger 3 should definitely get that reload buff, the 3 genuinely feels like a downgrade from the 2E, slower reload and less mobility, for what alil bit more pen? Like that matters when you’ve got hit weak points 95% of the time.


If you submit a bug report for it, please can you link it over in the Challenger 2 MBT thread so I can add it to the list

Is there a report on that

I think this is it: Challenger 2 (TES): Incorrect armour values

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It will be lost in the suggestion pile i believe
Why must we have unless ERA