Britain Air Forces

I didn’t see that, I just saw them say it was a necessary addition (it was) to plug a gap in the TT, based on a vehicle Japan evaluated and developed an aircraft from. Still it’s good they’ve slated it for removal, but they also slated the R2Y2’s.

I know, its just a shitty one, good at what it was intended to do (Aerodynamically stable bombing missions), but shit at everything else it was forced into.

Its a test model, but come on, nothing between the Phantom and Eurofighter, I mean really, they bend rules for many other minor (and even major) nations. I definitely believe that the lack of a fighter, is equivalent to the lack of a 4th generation aircraft. Plus it had design consolidations made to carry armament.

I didn’t just grind the UK, I also have Germany and up to the Mirage 3 in France, I just want to be able to grind my nation, without fighting through utter shit. I could accept the lack of top tiers, if they made the rest of the tree good.

Still I am waiting for this book, and maybe something that will help my EAP proposal will arise.

I think it may technically be classed as a 4th gen, but its so bad it might as well be 3rd gen. But then Gaijin would just point to the Harrier.

I think the early one’s might actually fit the definition of 3rd generation more than 4th generation. Maybe they need a 3+ generation. (E.g most are not multirole, carrying short range self-defense ir’s does not make something multirole).

Either that or a differentiation between early 4th gens, mid range and 4.5ths.

Or even better, Gaijin could recognise that having no fighter at top tier, is a genuine issue, and I dunno, plug that gap.

What is deeply wrong is irl UK, Gaijin isnt manipulating reality to bend the whole game for the UK mains benefit.

The game has 10 tech trees for a reason, go enjoy the diversity of equipment. USA/USSR were the majority developers of arms in the 20th century, cope with reality.

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irl the challenger is one of the best tank in the world you are not being helpful and trying to start stuff

so what your saying is because gaijin isnt willing to bend reality for one faction but is for another we should go play that one instead. Thanks.

Anyway lets get back to talking about How annoyed were all gonna be for the next 4 years when all we have is a Tornado with AMRAAM A/B and nothing else while everyone is using R-77-1 & AMRAAM-C-5


Excuse me?


Is completely inaccurate

(Not too mention the fact we still have no usable IFVs or Light tanks at most BRs and huge SPAA gaps)

Stormer HVM (or more accurately Starstreaks) are so badly modeled that missiles phase through targets 90% of the time

HMS Hood, IRL had some of the most accurate guns IRL. In game, has one of the worst.

Tornado Gr1. Is missing 1200 CM count, ECM, most of its A2G loadout, its ground radar. Even its FM is placeholder.

we are still missing Sea Harrier FA2 with Aim-9M and AMRAAM (should have come September). Tornado F3 Could have Aim-120C5s and ASRAAM

Harrier Gr7 is missing MAWS (which was added laste update to the F-111)

Tornado Gr4 or Harrier Gr9A could have come anytime this year and been ideal 12.0+ CAS jets

Phantoms and Jaguars only used Aim-9L. Not Aim-9Gs. Not too mention later aircraft like the Jaguar Gr3A with ASRAAM

Even the Buc could have Aim-9Ls.

Even older tech. Red tops and SRAAM are misisng half their respective ranges, all aspect and are currently buggy as hell. They rarely hit a target

Gaijin has delibrately nerfed every single British vehicle in the game. None of them are properly modeled. It took 9 months of fighting just to get IFF on the FRS1.

List of aircraft that are missing from our TT:

More in the comments, need to update it with latest suggestions


I agree, but they manipulate the game for other nations benefits hence the UK cope (when will it be our turn). AJ, Yak-141, Kronshtadt, Hesh nerf, Hunter F.58, a subsonic… for update supersonic.

List goes on and on, yes there are certain advantages we have enjoyed, for instance the first pulse doppler radar. But I struggle to think of more.

My point is, Gaijin bends rules all the time, but Russia didn’t need Kronshtadt, Royal Sovereign existed, the UK has a version (several) of the Hunter F.58, but we ain’t got it, the UK definitely has supersonics but didn’t get them, Hesh is still nerfed because it did what it was meant to, Yak-141 wasn’t even needed.

AJ was necessary though, but I wish they would make similar exceptions for the UK. F-14K, EAP and so-forth would all be rule bending additions that could give us something to work with until we tick over.


oh yeah speaking of phantoms gaijin also intentionally gave the german f4f a wrong missile, it never used aim9j irl they don’t care about germany so…

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“Between 1980 and 1983, the F-4Fs regained the ability to fire AIM-7s and use guided weaponry. In addition, it could launch AIM-9L Sidewinders and the electronics were improved”,
so we’re talking about realism huh? give us the AIM-9L then! our situation isn’t as desperate as the UK tree but there’s a reason why people are yelling “Germany suffers”. now Mr. US main could you stop speaking condescendingly in your privileged a*s

CR2 is FAR from the only vehicle impacted by the lack of regenerative steering, Gaijin has already said its in the works.

HMS Hood much like every other ship in game has wildly inaccurate guns, big ship naval game play is very hard to balance and Gaijin has chosen shell RNG.

Tornado is not missing 1200 CMs, that is misleading, the Tornado is missing a split between chaff and flares, it is carrying the appropriate amount of CMs as Gaijin dictates, the CM charge only counts if it fits both types.

No aircraft have ECM

its A2G load-out is a-historical or at least highly improbable, the addition of LGBs to the wing pylons as well as the PGM500/1000 was made by single picture evidence with no NATOPS source. Flimsy balance decision that it is, I agree with it.

AMRAAM/ASRAAM is not in the game, how is this an argument, Gaijin balances by missile load out, stop being childish.


Bucc at 10.3 when?

SRAAM was is an example of Gaijin bending the rules to favor UK with a unique missile on a then relevant airframe.

Red Top only had full aspect due to surface friction heating on very fast targets, and only at very limited range. ANOTHER thing Gaijin has said they will try to mimic.

UK suffers because of a lethargic MOD, Gaijin is not responsible for the UK voters penchant for thinking a plucky attitude is enough to win Or a heinous reliance on the USA for defense


Mate the steerimg ain’t the only problem it the speed and armour too
It got placeholder numbers for its era

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honestly I don’t even think it’s that, because if that’s the case why did the best leopard went to the swedish tree, are swedish mains paying a ton? I’m suspecting straight up bias

HMS Hood’s guns have a higher dispersion stat than both Kronshtadt and Scharnhorst, but we know BL 15-inch guns were the most accurate naval guns of WW2, and that’s not me saying it, the US tested it.

For the whole tree this is the reason because mod didn’t want fighters

You’ve focused ONLY on the first item in the list of about 20 missing features and capabilities. Even basic things like Gunner and commander positions, where ammo is located or the pen of the L27A1 is wrong and has been proven wrong

Each Boz pod IRL can carry 28 flares and 600 chaff. They currently only have 28 CMs. Therefore, its missing 600x2 chaff count, everything I said was 100% accurate. Missing 95% of its CM count is a massive nerf.

We are still missing multiple other loadout options, such as Sea Eagles, Paveway II and Cluster bombs. Not too mention the lack of ground radar massively nerfs the weapons we’ve got.

And? R-73s and Aim-9M weren’t required for F-16 or Mig-29, but they got them. But we cant ask for our missiles. Heck, we were just denied by Smin in the Tornado thread the De-Chirped Aim-9Ls which were standard on ALL british aircraft.


Wrong again, we have about 50+ aircraft missing from our TT. Including AT LEAST 4 that would be 12+ but they refuse to add them. Even the Typhoon was denied because US and USSR mains dont have enough skill to face them


IRL the Challenger exhibits a lethargic mobility, insufficient protection, a hard cap on maximum shell capability due to 2 piece ammunition.

Its not “starting stuff” to point out facts and shoot down the PR myths that loyal fan bases inevitably cook up.

The pics of the CR2s mantlet are publicly available, and aside from the ERA it is quite good. The UK TT is even one of the few to receive x4 of its top MBT.

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We do suffer because the MOD like to prat about, but also we suffer because Gaijin hasn’t added what we do have, or they have nerfed it.

Not gonna argue SRAAM wasn’t bs, but there were other options, P.1109B or even better, in update supersonic, the supermarine Type 545, an actual supersonic. But yes we were favoured there.

Im just gunna tag @Legwolf in here, because hes done the research and knows what he is talking about. But you are wrong. In everything you have said

The tank that famous for having great protection has insufficient protection what are you on about

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How useful is ground radars in the game? Does anyone actually use them? Because yeah, its a missing feature, but is nothing to cry about honestly.

It was made with informations available at the time, Gunjob said they are looking into it, just gotta wait.

Can’t really compare ASRAAM to those anyways.


Not even a mechanic in the game and it would require a lot of work so it doesn’t explode players pcs with so many explosions.

yep, but its not like it is intended