I can't stand playing with the Challenger 2 anymore; when I play, I feel like I'm in a heavy tank

I recently bought the M1A1 AIM; it’s on another level and fun to play. Meanwhile, with the Challenger 2, even turning feels like a struggle. I don’t want to play with nations that I consider overpowered, but I have the MiG-29, so I feel compelled to grind tanks from the USSR. If I could trade the MiG-29 for an Israeli F-16 and the Black Night for a Merkava 4M, I would already feel satisfied. Since I can’t, I’m here sharing my frustration. This tank has become monotonous. What’s the use of having no armor if this tank can barely turn or rotate? And when it does, it loses all its speed. Its turret is slow—it’s a disaster. There comes a point where you just get fed up. Anyway, I know nothing will change with the Challenger 2—its engine sounds, mobility, armor, literally nothing will change. All I can do is stop playing in this nation and follow the trend of playing with overpowered tanks or grinding for Israel. I choose the USSR because I already have the MiG-29. It’s just my venting. It’s incredible that this tank never changes, despite leaked documents on this forum. I just want a Main Battle Tank, not a heavy tank.
There’s no reason to have the Chally 2 other than its appearance.


Yep, and it’s all fixable. Gaijin just… won’t