Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 4)

That is the ugliest and most deformed body I have seen, so yeah, makes sense.


Def could do. I was going to say to Italy when the HuAF subtree comes as an Romanian addition, but it is developed by elbit after all.
Perhaps the MiG-21-2000 by the IAI which lost the bid could go to Israel, and the LanceR to the subtree.

Also insert png fail, laugh at me lmao

No grandpa! This is not mole cricket anymore

I was thinking of the MiG-21-2000 being in the tech tree and the LanceR being premium.

Challenger 2 Players: "Trust us, you dont know half of it "

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Everyone (except Russia mains) experience a constant flood of pain that will likely never be abated.

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Nato stands for:



The LanceR entered the service so it could go to the RO-HU subtree of Italy. The 2000 lost the bid, so it is technically less “Romanian” and I guess as a premium/squadron since Israel got something quite similar already: the kfir C.7.

Romania is not part the Hungarian sub tree, and I was talking about the Israeli tree, not the Italian one.

Romania is a part of the Italian TT.

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I never said it isn’t.

So Lancers will go there eventually

The LanceR has a direct connection to Israel and no connection to Italy, so it makes much more sense to go to the former.

Whatever. 11.7 then, forgot/don’t care.

It’s Romanian plane, Romanian planes are located in the Italian TT.

And it has a direct connect to Israel.

It doesn’t matter

You do not work for Gaijin.

All of this would be solved if all of eastern europe had come as one tree.