Why Does Gaijin HATE Australia

It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not. It exists, that’s whats important. Does gaijin need to buff them? probably but that’s up to them

Wait… why is this still active? Australia isn’t a tech tree or sub tree thus this topic’s irrelevant…

Which is what Gaijin is already doing so this doesn’t matter.

That’d be worse standards. Switzerland isn’t Britain, and Britain didn’t service F58s.

Yeah the sea harrier is a better example as it should of been a tech tree plane

But they are modified Hunter F6s. In fact half of those sent to Switzerland were former Hunter F6s that were in RAF service. If US gets Australian Abrams because it produces the Abrams and Germany gets the Canadian Leopard because it produces the Leopard then surely Britian should get the Swiss hunter because it produced the Hunter


Not buff fix they are just incorrect

Thats a compiled bug list so far, I think its up to date:

That’s not a reason to give it to Britain, especially when Britain already has 9.7 CAS & a squadron vehicle.
Hunter FGA.74/FR.74 could be added as a far superior option in an event vehicle/lower ranked squadron vehicle in the future since new squadron vehicles for Britain air is likely not needed.
Potentially even TT if Gaijin changes.

  1. I complete agree with that, Iv’e already said it too.
  2. The majority of the community didn’t agree with that, just gaijin doing things.
  3. There are a lot of Indian and South African vehicles that were British in origin or the British helped to develop, they belong in the British tech tree.
    but a good amount of Canadian or Australian vehicles are just American or German they shouldn’t be in the British tech tree. Maybe one day if they become actual sub trees sure. But a German leopard should be in Germany

Considering the fact though that Britain mains have been asking for a better/late Hunter for YEARS and then when one finally gets added, and more importantly the exact one that was being asked for (the others have advantages and disadvantages like reduced number of cannons) and it goes to Germany of all nations. Even though they were asking for the Alpha jet to fill that void.

It was just a bad series of decisions, which unfortunately hasnt ended, as we just got the T-90

and we’ve still not gotten a late Hunter. Heck the ones we do have are all a bit meh now. With issues like SRAAMs being buggy and the lack of CMs

correcting it would buff it. Just semantics

and a Canadian one in the British

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Very British

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I don’t agree with either of those decisions, so i don’t know what you’re trying to argue with

And for the vast majority I agree. They arent needed yet, no reason there should be absolutely none, but most aren’t needed. The only one Id like to see is the Australian F-111C (assuming Britain cant get the F-111K or TSR2)

i didn’t say every Indian vehicle did I? Or even the majority. Obviously modern day India isn’t particularly aligned with Britain

I doubt they give us that due to us having good cas out problem is right now is fighters

You said alot

that doesn’t mean the majority or all?

Maybe, though F-111K or TSR2 would be about 10.3 ish and that is quite a light area for us.

We got the jag i guess but smin already said it was covered