Major Update 'Alpha Strike" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

and all 3 are underperforming hard.

Though hoping the 1200 chaff coming in June should help. Though I do hope Gaijin at some point finishes the FM, fixes TIALD and adds the radar


The first GR.1s delivered to the RAF had Mk 101 engines, as did the first IDSs delivered to Germany and Italy. Fairly early in the production run the engines for all three nations were changed to Mk 103s.

sounds like Smin doesn’t know either

now let’s get back to the topic, is this really going to be the first time there have been no surprises coming in the dev server?

Fair enough. So it’s just the devs nerfing Britain again.

i said calm

Let me introduce you to the Challenger 2 Bug list:

The only nation not suffering at the moment is Soviets

I’m being calm

Not as much as japan type 10 has suffered. Imaged being shoved vinto close quaters maps with such a horrendous turret rotation speed.

An early J10A with PL8 and PL11 would be cool)))

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Suffering contest going on

I mean the plane is a big meh

the type 10 should be more of a match to kill a leo 2a7 or strvv the type 10 round should be one of the best in game its not.

And Sweden


Germany to ?

Morvran, the Challenger 2 is undergoing one of the most comprehensive remodels of any vehicles to date. its a bit ignorant to say Britain suffers.

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Yes, except for the Soviet Union and Sweden, modern tanks of other series will have more or less problems

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We have yet to see the actual results of those changes. Its a MASSIVE WIP on the dev server, with a dozen or so reports that were filed as a response to the dev post having been totally ignored.

But the overhaul only really covers the Mantlet and there are still dozens of issues throughout the tank, inlcuding the fact that the Addon armour is modeled wrong. Its gunna take multiple remodels to fix properly at this rate.

But its also the overall state of Britain TT. We still lack a top tier “SPAA” or IFV.

my point was that there probably is a better place to have a suffering contest than here but whatever

There are multiple reports on this list that have been answered and closed, are in progress currently with the rework and some that are not even bug reports at all. So listing them as “reports” or bugs at all is a bit misleading for other users.

Regardless, this is very much off topic now. The CR.2 is currently undergoing a massive rework, but its not a place to start listing and discussing every matter on CR.2.

Please stay on topic.

Maybe we could see the early Rafale in december, my favourite one