Challenger 2 needs to be brought to developers attention

What year is the armor diagram you shared from because the photo I shared from 2018?

That photo is irrelevant. It doesn’t present any useful information.

What’s the source of this scheme?

yep, 25mm + 200mm “composite” + 70mm, giving around 350mm KE on CR1

Well I hate to be “that guy” but the series of primary sources made public lately fully disclose Cr2 protection requirements and they should lead to a very important nerf to the ingame Cr2 armor both in turret and hull. I know it sucks but it is what it is.

Question is what are the options going forward to make UK minimally viable at top tier? It could be argued that the more advanced modifications of Cr2 may be modelled with the “improved armor” on the turret front (600mm KE / 900mm KE) but this would hardly make a difference (and not supported by the sources).

On the other hand, using the same sources to get an improvement to L27 penetration is a no go since Gaijin changed the criteria years ago for the projectiles, using formulas to estimate performance instead of sources.

It’s not just armour issues. There are a number of outstanding bugs and issues that could be fixed that would buff the CR2.

Even relatively minor things such as swapping the 7.62mm turret for a 12.7mm would be pretty major improvement.

But there are also areas of improvement that would nerf other nations, such as shell perforation that would heavily mitigate the T80BVMs ERA, that is not currently modeled. This leads to assymtrical advantages.

But Britain is not just weak because of the CR2. It’s weak due to overall TT issues and poor map design. I don’t think Britain will ever be good, but it doesn’t need to be quite so unplayable as it is currently


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  1. Engine performance buffed to 1500hp;
  2. Proper armour values;
  3. ECM dish implemented;
  4. Barracuda net implemented;
  5. L27A1 gets buffed;
  6. Reload speed decrease;
  7. Ready rack increase;
  8. Enforcer to get thermals and more variety .50 cal, 40mm grenades.

Is that the whole TL:DR or am I missing something?

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Ok, do you want me to just tell you it is fine or open my pandora box?

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A mechanic I think they need to model eventually is the targeting system. I partially get why it’s not been modeled, but at the same time, not modelling it also heavily nerfs the CR2

Also you cant place the anime pillow down on the left bird table leg

A targeting system should come for all tanks anyway but Indo think at the moment it should only be for anti-air. But Gaijin won’t do that because less people will buy their OP top premiums.

Yeah, that’s true. But it would be assymetrical how good it would be. I don’t think many If any soviet tanks have anything even close. Would be good to give the sniper tank the ultimate sniper tools. Even if it was only an assist for things like lead

Wait untill we go to the data sharing option. Snapping to thing other aim at, pinpoint data to cas planes, marking enemies to shoot with turret autoaim at them, including those trageted by teammates. THAT WILL BE MADNESS

What I’d give for even the ability for things like drones to mark a target, it to create a CCRP target point, that then other aircraft could use. That would either snap the targeting pod to that position or that bombers could use for dropping/lofting bombs onto. That would be awesome. An SPAA thinking it was safe only to have bombs land on it that were thrown cross map by a tornado

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Also thing like LG munnition guided by a ground vechicle. that is the future we are going to. Or this game will turn into cod with tanks, seeing how maps are going.

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I thought were were already there. But yeah, they are either going to have to start adding these more advanced mechanics of modern tech or artificially start buffing the stats on things to compensate for their lack

The engine uprating didn´t take place. Primary sources indicate that the armor should be nerfed hard, same sources can´t be used to argue for a buff to L27.

If you mean the srl (i think that what it was called) it was a Cr2 prototype. So armor and round pen were all directives to the prototype.

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“SRL4026” wasn´t a prototype, its the designation for the sum of requirements for Cr2 even as late as 1992, just before serial production started the following year.