Rank VIII Ground Vehicles and Rank VII Premiums: Introducing the Challenger 2 (OES) & M1A1 HC!


As someone who has grinded EVERY German tank other than the PSO, I can say with certainty that Germany does not win more than Russia. Israel players also lose very frequently due to pairing with America.

Please Gaijin, I beg you to fix the Numerous problems with the Challenger 2s.

Here’s an idea


And where did you get all that from this?

Considering CR2s routinely win every single NATO excercise. I think its other nations that need to build better tanks :P

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Up to date versions:


Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion - #2 by Morvran
Challenger 2 needs to be brought to developers attention


The current way premiums are implemented in War Thunder is not functional with Ground RB gameplay of using multiple vehicles.

Vehicles must be sold in full lineups a minimum of 3 to offer players a full complete set so they do not unintentionally destroy their team’s ability to win.

You can view the effects of ODL first time buyers at any match between 9.3 and 10.7

Your decision to pursue profit over your game’s health is very disappointing.


I agree.

Also, giving a finite number of backups is not a solution, but rather a band-aid.

If it was a permament backup, then that would be more ideal.

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Premium Thunder woes aside, at least we have the silver lining of recieving the Vergil Abrams.

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can we get a roland buff pls
Germany aa suffers



Saturday F-15 blog ;)

You guys just speedran M1KVT to being completely useless. Nice job as always.


That’s wrong though.

M1A1 HC has been in the game since before KVT. How does adding a reskinned premium of the same vehicle change anything?

Besides, the KVT and regular M1 at 10.3 are really strong, and will most likely continue to be so. The KVT is still a rank VII, same as the new M1A1 HC, so you’ll be able to research the same vehicles.

OES is basically in the same boat

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The Abrams family are all super compressed right now, with the M1A1 at 11.0 and the M1A2 SEP at 11.7.


Should some balance issues be resolved with the arrival of Level 8?such as M1KVT( should be M1A1 KVT in history ) challenger DS (should be MK3 using L26)


Have this Abrans thermals lvl 2?

Iam waiting to see the new russian bias premium tank with invencible tile armor.

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Unfortunately, there’s no Russian Rank VII Premium in this patch. I’m not lying.

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Please make it so the jamming suite on the TES and OES can be removed. I hate that I’m seen cresting a ridge line 2 minutes before the top of my turret is over. It is non functional and should be a selectable add on.