Rank VIII Ground Vehicles and Rank VII Premiums: Introducing the Challenger 2 (OES) & M1A1 HC!

Mind sending me a DM about that new theory ?
It seems about as hilarious as that guy that used to be raving on the WTLive how T-72 engines being based on the block of the V2 made them T-34 engines and thus were bad.

This is actually a phenomenal idea, I cant believe it hasnt gotten more traction

This is the biggest point ive been wanting to make, and thank you for wording it so elegantly

Thanks man, I’m glad it made sense to someone!

I’ll admit it was a bit of a rambling post and I’m not the best at organizing thoughts like this. I’d be more than happy if you or anyone else included this idea in a formal suggestion though.

I just reposted my comment in the actual SK poll thread, in case people there find it compelling :D

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Ha…I agree, but then warthunder is the only place where Russian Equipment works. and APDS is the worse round to use


You spelled HESH and APCR wrong

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You can do that (penetrate its ufp) with M829A2 up to km or 2 (dont remember what range exactly)

Ive never once been able to pen a russian T80s UFP at any BR with any APFSDS, not even A2. O
Fake overperforming ERA just eats it every time

Meanwhile the abrams UFP can be penned by a T-62/T-55 lmao

NVM, sorry, theres simulation showing M829A2 cant pen T-80U into the ERA section on 1km range (theres no closer distance range simulation) and thats how it is in game: M829A2 can pen T-80U UFP only up close.
Theres also a test showing results without ERA, where it easily goes through, which is same as in game.

Thats not true.

It absolutely is true. The abrams UFP is comically nerfed


LFP is a non pen too.

On the contrary weakest Leopard 1 APDS or even Jagtiger can penetrate T-80BVM or T-90M into the LFP.

The LFP of the T-80 has zero armor, thats not a gotcha. Thats simply a design flaw, and shitty soviet engineering doesnt equal US tanks nerfs. Thats the damn problem with this game and this community. Literally you, what you just did. “A jadgtiger can kill the fully unarmored LFP of my stalinium T-80. Not fair! Nerf all other better designs to be fair for me!”

Alternatively the abrams or leo side armor can be penned by a T26, whats your point?

I literally didnt word anything of that like that. I think you need a chill pill man. I shown you that T-62/55 cant pen Abrams thats all.

And the armor analysis is incorrect. Because it literally just happened to me and I decided to lose my mind over the absurdity. Probably just one of those 0 armor weakspots. Just because its not supposed to happen. Doesnt mean it doesn’t

Thats just whole game

Its all but RNG with some massive amount of donating. If I could I would really go on to describe this game but I really dont think it will be appreciated.

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We need the F-15C and SU-27PU (most advanced soviet era flanker).

is the “rank VIII” supposed to act like a BR uncompressor or will the BR be adjusted so that we have a higher max BR?

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There is nothing preventing Gaijin from selling 3 vehicles bundled for $70


A lot of people do actually. Quite a few of us even filed reports with documentation showing it was M1A1. Just because you don’t care, doesn’t mean players can’t keep pushing Gaijin to fix what was seen clearly as a mistake or poor implementation.

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You are more the welcome to leave and not engage on this particular discussion if you are 1) content with how it was implemented and or 2) Don’t care. Which it seems like you are both. However, others aren’t and are absolutely allowed to keep pushing Gaijin to make a correction. You are not required to be here.


Challenger 2 Bug list has gotten even longer in the past few days

we are now up to about 40 outstanding bug reports that affect either the TES & OES or all 6 CR2s. Lets hope we get some fixes in this major update