British high tier Squadron tank options / Petition to NOT add T-90S to Britain


I think we will be lucky if firing the main gun doesnt detonate its own ammo wrack.

I’ve never seen anyone play it. I’ve never seen anyone use Olifant Mk 2 either other than myself.

I looked at the modifier for top tier big three here:


Lets Talk About The Object 279 Issue. Currently 5.8+ KDR on Average - #516 by pyroraptor841

i have so many problems with that…
3 part ammo, (or 2, i’m extremely tired)
wet stowage bins
blowout panels
what else is there that should ensure that Chally Tanks dont immediately explode?

that’s my list so far. more than just survivability stuff, but yeah, we go pop when we shouldnt

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I see the mttd from time to time, never seen the ttd or the oilphant tbh, but anyone i know who played the oilphant said it was decent

Though i’ll add blowout panels, I dont think we actually have those currently

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Admittedly I don’t know tonnes about British Tanks as much as I do aircraft but I’m surprised if we don’t have them but wouldn’t be surprised if we just didn’t have them in game

Mind you nothing will ever surprise me now given someone literally said that Brits need to learn what shot placement is…

Yeah. I know more about jets than tanks. But I’ve got a book on order from Bovington tank museum on the chally 2. might not be 100% the best source, but hoping it will have some useful information

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Never played it either, but I think it might have been a better option than the Chieftain mk10 while they were at the same BR, idk now. I’m actually like 50k to from it, I’m waiting for the foldering to see if it is going to reduce or stay the same RP remaining, as it will be foldered with the MTTD.

It’s Bovington so it’ll likely turn out a degree of useful information I would reckon.

Im not sure i’ve ever seen any of the SA tanks, except the 4.3/5.0 SPAA. Though I dont play much in the lower BRs these days

South Africa did produce a vehicle with two Strela-1s and two Strela-10s duct taped together. It’s not an equivalent, mind - I’d rather have Singapore’s M113A2 Ultra with the six Iglas, which I mentioned in the thread recently linked by Movran - but it’s at least a nation we already have in the tree.


Here’s the South African thing in question from the old forum. I declined to mention it in Movran’s thread because 1) it’s just a worse Strela, having only two 9M37s and the others being the inferior 9M31s and 2) it’s literally 100% Soviet tech, even if South Africa did put it together.

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Yeah, thats what im hoping, and maybe a good enough source for bug reports. Or at least a spring board for bug reports.

After the T-90, I think thats good enough for Britain these days

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I have played the Ratel 20 (or the Rat, for its MILANs at something ludicrous like 6.7) and the Rooikat Mk.1D

The Rat is very much a bigger fatter slower Marder but other than that its fun to toss Milans at everyone

The Rooikat is an alright recce/sniper tank however, I personally prefer the Warrior for the Milans and Thermals

I hope you’ll forgive me if I ask “what the hell is that abomination”

I mean, it would be better than nothing but I was kinda hoping for something along the lines of a Landy with some Stingers on the back. Or something along those lines

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76mm apfsds is just… Pain. I played like, 10 matches, and never touched it again haha

I really need to research the warrior at some point, but yeah just seems they were all side-grades, not really upgrades or hole fillers

This is the book I ordered btw


Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank Owners' Workshop Manual – The Tank Museum

Fingers crossed its good.