Usa ineed of a new spaa and a modern tank

and don’t expect to fix them anytime soon, they’re busy working on something for the next update, something more cringe than spall liners for the t90m in the devserver

its just hollow

they don’t bother to even look for more documents they just assume, like they assumed to not add a new shell for usa bcz it’s not gonna change anything when the shell can literally destroy every russian tank in existence

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dude you should check the bug report list of the PUMA lol
Credits to shini



d4mn thats a list n a half lol

that’s insane and the puma is equipped with stingers, but naah gaijin wouldn’t add them cz it would defeat the mighty cold war era bmp with it’s capabilities of shooting down jets penetrating modern jets, launching missiles while moving lmao

its not equipped with stingers its Spikes but that’s only for the latest version of the PUMA the PUMA S1

Chally 2 has that beat

oh my bad then idk that much about puma’s capabilities.

JESUS CHRIST what in the actual world

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not much people look after the PUMA and not something of your interest really so dont worry

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And the dev blog…

Yeah, basically everything said in it was wrong and more bug reports were submitted in response to that dev post than were resolved


damn even the bug report for the type 10 armor got passed already but not even chally?Community Bug Reporting System

A lot have been passed, but some are nearly a year old…

Like that one

But a few are newer

like the PUMA wrong shell weight just got passed and its fixed already just not comming yet

alot stuff on gaijins plate so i wont give em too much sh1t

Yeah, we have a few of those. Chally 2 is basically getting it’s mantlet completely remade, should be more like the one on the leopard but at the moment it provides 0 resistance to shells. So fingers crossed next update is good

But too keep this on topic. Most nations need some serious TLC

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This is very true. (We need new spas) at multiple br’s

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