Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 4)

Thank you @Fireball_2020


Spall lining just got passed for a lot of Chinese tanks to, including the new VT-4 so hopefully we see some of that for the update

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Guys can this information be considered as a valid source for the report? This screen is taken from the book published by Osprey Publishing

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On to part 5!

As long as its unclassified and I believe you have to list the source and since its a book im assuming which page as well

idk, could you drop it here

so we can use it later?

Well I think it may be time for me to continue my Challenger 2 grind soon

Which ofc im going to buy the OES because whod say no to a prem Chally 2

I will say no. Ze cost is to high

The book is on Amazon, so I guess it’s not classified :D
Challenger Main Battle Tank 1982–97 (New Vanguard): Dunstan, Simon, Sarson, Peter: 9781855324855: Books


No cost is too high for my favorite tank

Besides im already what people like to call a wallet warrior since I buy premiums to grind

No new squadron vehicle for next update?

Okay, also there is another book all about Challenger 2 by the same publisher, so I look forward to finding any valuable information there as well

Good luck

Well, it should. Cover and insides would be considered a source, but you will need more added to just that to change anything

They are doing the same thing they did in the past

A few years ago they said they were going to change all repair costs be be dictacted by BR instead of vehicle and then they slowly rolled it out instead of implementing it all at once

It was a way of delaying actually doing it.

Now they are doing the same thing by “waiting to see how the current changes effect RP gains”
They added skill bonus points, which do next to nothing, and are now “gathering data” before implementing what they said they would do.

Ok Ok addition of spall liners for NATO is cool but this mechanics is retarded:


Wait so we’re all getting spall liners?

Only if you can prove it existed, and how well it worked it would seem?

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Unfortunately, unless they have something hidden its the same for me.

Only for “Leopard 2 (and the Swedish versions), M3A3 and M1128” as of now