Fixing the Challenger 2's interior (WIP)

G’day people. As we all know the Challenger 2 even after the rework is in a state of mess, I am here to bring up a few issues I noticed after this semi-lazy rework.

Issues with the gunners optics model

In game we have the gunners optic device and the commanders optic device modelled.

This however is incorrectly modelled.
Firstly I’d like to address that this is a WIP post so if theres anything wrong, correct me, I’m only going to be using publicly available sources.

As seen on these photos the gunners optic port is right next to the backup sight port.
In game it is not.
It can also be seen that the gunners FCS controller is below the horizontal turret drive control wheel.
Again, in game it isn’t and just these two things confirm that the gunners main optic model is too far to the right and it should be move to the left and slightly forwards to line up with the external model of the optic.

^^^ as seen on the photos above, the current model actually clips outside of the RHA that surrounds the optic in game.
It is placed to high, too far to the right side of the tank and too far backwards.
The top left side of the gunners optic should be slightly trimmed to match up with the external model as a simple fix.

Issues with the commanders optic model

It came to my attention that the commanders optic port is placed too low and the whole model clips into the gunners head
Here’s my reference photo for this report; an image from The Grand Tour when Jeremy Clarkson was inside the Challenger 2’s commander position.

It can be noted that the optics port is right below the commanders hatch beginning.
We can also note that the cylindrical shape should only begin where the optic model goes outside of the CHA.
In order to fix the clipping of the gunners head, the gunner should be moved forwards just as the gunners optic model. The positions I will discuss in the next section.
Another thing to note is that the small optics that give the commander 360 vision without the EO optic
are too long in their model and are placed too low. They should be just above the irl commanders optic port and almost adjacent to the commanders line of sight

Another issue I have with the current model is a bit unimportant but the model of the controller that the commander uses to aim is too small and too far away from the commander.


On a few images including 3D models based off of real images, you can notice it is bigger and a bit closer to the commander.
And since commanders like the T-64 commander hold onto their optics, during combat the commander holds onto the controller to aim the commanders optic and the hunter killer functionality.
This can be confirmed by these photos supplied by @warhead_beast

The first image confirms the size of the controller, it should be at such a size that when the commander holds onto the bars his thumbs can reach the rectangular section of the controller

Issues with the crew positions (gunner and commander)

It also came to my attention that the recent castlemartin incident report (declassified) mentions that the gunners head should be adjacent to the commanders knees (I presume while aiming because when sitting his shoulders should be adjacent to the commanders knees)
In game the gunner is in an aiming position therefore both crew members need to be repositioned to meet the MoD reports statement.
According to the report also, the commander should sit right below the hatch.

Just as a confirmation of this, here’s a few photos of someone sitting in the commanders position.

So If we base it off this image we will notice that the commander in game is placed sitting too low.
His head should be a few inches away from the hatch.
Service Inquiry report into the Challenger 2 incident at Castlemartin Ranges, Pembrokeshire on 14 June 2017 - GOV.UK

Special thanks to @warhead_beast for posting this image aswell, you can notice on this image that my theory is infact correct and so is the castlemartin report

Issues with the gun assembly

Now I know there are some excellent bug reports on this already but the gun assembly sits way too high
As seen in game it exposes the lower part of the mantlet


However, it should be placed lower as seen on the photo below photo.
The gun in a 0 degree elevation position and it can be noted that the bottom of the 30mm plates on the mantlet should be adjacent to the bottom of the 50mm RHA plate


Issues with the turret drive model

In this section I’ll be discussing the x-ray model of the horizontal turret drive.
As seen post rework, on the left side of the turret, there is a big floating device. As seen on this photo from in game it is clearly floating and is placed too far to the right side of the tank:

I came across a video showcasing the interior of the CR2 and I found that exact device:
challenger2interior_loadersposition (1)

How to fix it:
During the 3D model rework of the mantlet, move the said device to the left so that it is past this red line:

This positioning can be confirmed by these images as well:

Thank you for your time reading this, if you have any issues with this, please let me know, I’m not an expert on the Challenger 2 like some legends here (Legwolf as an example)


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